Why not use Binaural Beats to Sleep?

If you find yourself with varying or deteriorating sleep pattern, why not use binaural beats to sleep?

Read this article to find out what binaural beats are, and how they can help you sleep.

I hope that after reading it you will agree that binaural beats can help you sleep and you will want to try it.

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Use binaural beats to sleep introduction

use binaural beats to sleepIn our 24/7, always on world, sleep problems and lack of sleep has become a serious problem.

With global downturns, many people find themselves working longer or harder to keep their jobs.

Even when they are not working, the advent of smartphones has given people more freedom, but created new demands.

Increased use of social media means that most people spend hours per day updating their status, posting comments and reading other people’s posts.

Even though watching tv or films can be entertaining, an explosion in film and tv media gives us ever more to look at and reduces the amount of time we spend winding down.

We spend so much time just doing stuff that we find it hard to unwind when it’s time to sleep.

Many people are feeling the effects of sleep deprivation in the form of mental and emotional distress, not to mention the physical symptoms of weaker immune systems and constant niggling health problems.

And it’s all down to the fact that many of us just can’t sleep as well or as long as we need to.

But there is a simple solution in binaural beats for sleep.

Binaural beats represent one of the most effective help to sleep available today, and it has the massive benefit of being completely natural.

By using binaural beats deep sleep is achievable on a regular basis.

You can easily afford binuaral beats sleep programs and they don’t have the harmful side-effects of drugs to help you sleep.

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What are binaural beats?

Put simply, binaural beats are tones embedded in audio files that can influence your brain.

As we use our brains in different ways, the neurons are always at work.  They communicate with other and develop new connections. This communication occurs in a physical way by brain cells emitting electrical signals that are picked up by other cells who are, in turn, creating and sending their own signals.

This activity can be recorded by a device called an EEG and measured in Hertz, or Hz. It is known that when we are relaxed, our brain operates a certain hertz, and when we are concentrating it operates at a different level. These brainwave states fluctuate during the day according to what you are doing and occur completely naturally.

It is known that our state of mind is a result of our brainwaves so it makes sense to encourage our brains to be in resourceful states as often as possible. We want to be relaxed, happy and positive rather than tired and depressed. Each state of mind has an associated brainwave pattern.

Click here if you are interested in a much more detailed description of how brainwaves work.

Binaural beats in audio files can move your brainwaves into resourceful states, such as relaxation, concentration or, indeed, sleep.

For them to work, you need to listen to the files with headphones. The audio creates a tone in one ear of, say, 120Hz and 130Hz in the other ear. Your brain then creates a third tone whose pitch is between the two, in this case 10Hz. If your brain is operating at 10Hz, you would be calm and relaxed.

Binaural beats are just one technique in a category known as Brainwave Entrainment. Other methods are monaural tones and isochronic tones. With some of these other tones, you do not need to wear headphones but the effect will always be greater if you do.


Why use binaural beats to sleep and not sleep drugs?

There are many drug companies currently providing sleep aids that give the drug companies an easy profit.

But the problem with sleep drugs is that you often suffer from the hangover effect. You have had a fitful sleep and then you feel groggy in the morning when you wake up as the drug takes time to wear off.

But they sell a good story: you’ve probably seen the adverts that show people absolutely knackered crawling into their beds after taking a pill and waking up the next morning after a great night’s sleep.

But the problem with taking a pill to help you sleep is that they are not natural. It is possible for you to get used to them and then you need stronger and stronger doses to help you sleep.

You can easily get into a spiral that involves you taking ever increasing amounts of the drug to get to sleep. Once you start it’s difficult to stop and you will feel worse if you do. You could end up in a worse situation than you started with!

Binaural beats replicate a completely natural process that occurs naturally in people who sleep well. They put no drugs into you but may cause you to generate chemicals inside your body that make you feel better.  Binaural sleep is totally natural sleep.

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Why binaural beats help sleep

binaural beats help sleepThere are many different natural techniques that can help with sleep. They include meditation, hypnosis and breathing techniques such as thos taught during yoga practice.

The only problem with these is that they sometimes take a long time to learn. And sometimes we are so stressed and tired by the time we get to bed that we haven’t got the energy to do them. We are so wired relaxation does not come easily.

That’s why using binaural beats to help with sleep is so effective. You don’t to do anything but put on the headphones and hit play. The tones will do the rest.  Binaural beats and sleep just go together so well.  Plus, a binural beats sleep is totally safe and natural.

When you drift into a sleep induced by binaural beats, it’s likely that the process will have first taken you to a relaxed state, and then into a sleep state.

If you get into a nice routine, you can get to bed, get comfy and warm and then start to listen to your binaural beats mp3. This sound file contains binaural beats sounds for sleep which will firstly use tones to entice your brain into a relaxed state.

From there you can be moved to a brain state that is effective for sleep. Using your binaural beats mp3, sleep can come easily and be very fulfilling. You can be asleep quickly and wake up fully refreshed the next morning, ready for your day. With binaural beats deep sleep is easily achievable.

And whilst there might be some effort when you first get started, it gets easier. As you use binaural beats for sleeping more and more, you will be training your brainwaves just how they should be to allow you to get a great night’s sleep. Within a fairly short time, you will find it easier and easier to get to sleep, and also to get a good sleep.

And that’s why using binaural beats for sleep is becoming the number one aid to realise deep sleep quickly.


Should I try free binaural beats for sleep?

The popularity of binaural beats has become such that if you look online you will find a number of binaural beats for sleep products available online. Some are paid and some cost money so you may be wondering if you should try one of the many binaural beats for sleep that are free, such as those on Youtube.

If you are on an extremely limited budget you can try the free binaural beats for sleep products if you like, and see how you get on with them, but I would advise caution. When you use free products you have no idea as to the quality of the product and you have absolutely no comeback for the results of using it. If there’s something you don’t understand or need help with, there will be little or no support.

I explored many free online resources but in the end I settled on a paid commercial program.

In fact, I think I have found the best binaural beats for sleep, and it won’t cost you the earth. In fact, if it gets you a regular good night’s sleep, it’s worth its weight in gold.

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My recommendation for the best binaural beats for sleep

best binaural beats for sleep

My recommendation for the best binaural beats program for sleep is Sleep Salon.

Using the audio files in Sleep Salon can help break your habits of bad sleep and put you back into good sleeping patterns. These audio files use brainwave entrainment to guide your brainwave patterns to the same natural state they are in when you enjoy excellent sleep.


Why will Sleep Salon help me get better sleep?

Sleep Salon suggests a simple routine to help your sleep.

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It consists of two sessions for relaxation, eight sessions to induce sleep and two sessions to wake you up.

The relaxation sessions are there so you can relax during the day and the wake up sessions will help keep you awake if you feel sleepy, so that when you go to bed at night you are truly tired.

It’s also clever in that it recognises that people suffer sleep problems for different reasons and there is no one solution that fits all problems.

The user guide identifies seven types of sleep disorders and suggests the exact sessions you should follow during the day and evening to help solve your sleep problem. You are never unsure of how to use the sessions and if you have any questions they have an excellent customer support function.

The whole program costs $37, which is well worth it if it gets you back to good sleep. There is a 30 day money back guarantee so you can try it out with no risk. It makes sense to try it.

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Should you use binaural beats to sleep? – conclusion

use binaural beats to sleep like a baby
use binaural beats to sleep like a baby!


Help getting to sleep is a perfect way to use binaural beats and brainwave entrainment.

If you use binaural beats to sleep, you will train your brain to be in the right brainwave patterns to get a good sleep.

I got Sleep Salon when I had a period of fitful sleeping and it helped me enormously.

Get yourself a copy and try it out for yourself. You have literally no risk and nothing to lose.

If you enjoyed my assertion that you should use binaural beats to sleep, I’d love to hear from you so please feel free to leave a comment.

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