What is the point of Mindfulness – 3 Natural Mindfulness Benefits

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what is the point of mindfulness

What is the point of mindfulness?  This short article will ask the question and will give you an insight into what mindfulness is and what it can do to make your life easier to manage.

Why do we need mindfulness?

To be persuaded to be more mindful in our lives, we need to know what is the point of mindfulness.

In this fast paced and busy world, we all seem to be moving all the time. We have email, social media, smartphones, work, family. The list of demands on us gets ever longer.

Mindfulness is a way of thinking that gets us to just stop from time to time. It trains us to think of only the present minute and not end up being overloaded with thoughts of the past or future.

When you are engaged in mindfulness thinking, you gently guide your mind to the present moment and become aware of your thoughts and feelings of simply what is occurring right now.

Why should you Practice Mindfulness?

If you understand why you ought to think about practicing mindfulness, it will give you some motivation into thinking about how to make it part of your everyday life.

The long list of benefits of mindfulness and meditation are well documented on the internet so let’s simply talk about a few of them.

So, what is the point of mindfulness ?  Three reasons are below:

#1 Mindfulness helps reduce stress

It can reduce stress and help with depression. Your psychological and mental health is extremely important. Mindfulness can be a significant aid to keeping you grounded and thoughtful about what is really important in your life.

With mindfulness, you are only concentrating on now. Focussing only on the present will stop you constantly becoming worried or anxious over things in the past you can’t change or future events that haven’t happened yet.

#2 Mindfulness improves your focus

If you make practicing mindfulness a routine part of your day you will have better focus and concentration, and probably better memory too.

#3 Your body will benefit from mindfulness too

Studies show that your body reacts positively to mindful meditation as well as your mind. The mind-body connection cannot be denied and your body will benefit from less stress in your life.

These research studies have revealed that your body can better cope with and eradicate infection due to a boost in your body immune system when you get into the practice of routine mindfulness.

mindfulness reduces stress


How do you do mindfulness meditation?

With an understanding of the point of mindfulness and why you should practice it, you are now all set to begin the practice of mindfulness meditation itself.

#1 Appreciate mindfulness benefits take time

To begin with, you need to understand that this is not going to be improved right away. Very little worth having in life comes easily and this is no different.

Your mind has been used to getting its own way for some time and may revolt at your attempts to control it. It will take practice and maybe some perseverance before yo regain control.

#2 Start by focussing on your breathing

Similar to any kind of meditation, you want to begin by concentrating on your breathing.

However, you don’t need to do anything different. Just breathe in, hold it a while and then exhale out. Notice the feeling of the air entering your mouth and nose. Actually hear and focus on the sound it makes.

Do this for a few minutes. As you exhale, start to imagine all your worries being expelled by the breath. Your mind is powerful!

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#3 Think only about the present moment

Take time to think only of what is taking place right here, right now. What’s going on around you in the room you are in? What can you feel? Your clothes rubbing on you as you move? Is there air movement? Is it warm or cold?

Think about how you are finding the meditation but try not to judge if it is good or bad.

#4 Visualize each body part in turn

If at any stage you are having trouble clearing your mind and thinking only about now, you can start thinking of each body part in turn.

Concentrate and feel your fingers, arms, abdominal areas, back, toes, shoulders, and legs. Perhaps tense each area slightly as you think about them, then enjoy the relaxation as you let them go.

Try to hear your heartbeat and concentrate fully on the air exhaling out of your lungs.

#5 Just accept

Finally, just accept whatever is taking place. A big part of mindfulness is not just being aware of the present moment, but accepting it. If you find it difficult, that’s okay. Just accept that it’s difficult and that you will try it again.

No matter what is taking place, you have to be willing to accept it and find out to value and gain some benefit from it.

Can Mindfulness be made easier?

You can give yourself a better chance of success at mindfulness by trying out binaural beats for mindfulness.

Binaural beats are tones embedded into an audio file and can guide your mind into the best state to be in to do well at your mindfulness practice.

What is the point of Mindfulness summary

The point of mindfulness is that practicing mindfulness can bring many benefits, as I hope this article has shown you.

Starting a mindfulness practice can be easy and you can do it at any time.

If you need help with mindfulness, read my review of the excellent 7 minute mindfulness here. I tried it and loved it!

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If you want a deeper program that can affect your whole mental abilities, read my Brain Evolution System Review.

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