What can hypnosis do for you?

What can hypnosis do

Hypnosis, and more particularly self-hypnosis, has been cited to help individuals achieve a great many changes in their lives.  If you’ve ever come across it, you might be wondering what can hypnosis do for you?

In this article, I’ll look at some of the benefits and what it does to you and I’ll dispel some of the negative myths surrounding hypnosis and give you some useful  and important information.

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What is hypnosis anyway?

It is a technique that uses relaxation techniques to bring about change in an individual that the individual actually wants.

It’s probably well known that it can be used to help people to overcome a wide range of personal self help issues.  It has successfully been used to help individuals give up smoking, be more confident, improve their personal performance, think positively and lose weight to name a few.

But it is also gaining credibility and acceptance of its capacity to help treat some illnesses and diseases.

It’s being used more and more to address a wide range of medical and mental conditions and help bring about positive change in the listener


But doesn’t hypnosis make you bark like a dog?

does hypnosis make you bark like a dog

This is often a response when people think of hypnosis as it is their only experience of it.

Stage and TV hypnotists use it as a tool for entertainment, making people bark like a dog and fall in love with mops.  It seems like their stooges will do anything without question and when they are back in the room they don’t remember any of it.

Films make many people believe that you are hypnotized by someone asking you to look into their eyes as they swing a gold watch on a long chain in front of you.

Because of these influences, many people shun hypnosis without really considering how it can help them and be of benefit to them.

Many people also fear hypnosis, as we shall discuss next.


Why do people fear being hypnotized?

A simple lack of understanding causes many people to actually fear hypnosis.  They don’t really understand what it will do to them and fear the idea of hypnosis without knowing about it.

They think they might go into a trance that they can’t wake up from.

Or that the hypnotist or hypnotherapist will plant some wicked subconscious command that they will act upon later and get into trouble.

But neither of these thing could ever happen to you as a result of entering a hypnotic trance due to the next point.


A hypnotic state is a perfectly natural and healthy state

Don’t be put off trying and experiencing hypnosis because of some erroneous beliefs.

Hypnosis is a natural brainwave state and you’ve undoubtedly already experienced it many times before.

Don’t believe me?

Just think back to a time when you were totally immersed in a good book, or completely mesmerized  by an interesting film.

You were totally focused on the story playing out before you, either before your eyes or in your imagination and everything else faded into the background.  Your attention was sharply focussed on the task in hand to the exclusion of all things.

That’s a hypnotic state!

It’s similar to meditation in that you can experience many benefits by getting yourself into a state of extreme relaxation.

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Being in a hypnotic state makes you receptive to suggestion, and therefore change

When you allow yourself to be hypnotised, you are guided into this trance state which is just really a state of heightened and focussed concentration.

While in this state, your mind is relaxed and is open to positive suggestions and the potential of achieving a goal.  You can more easily accept possibilities in this open state than when your mind is closed and can easily be skeptical and reject possibilities.

In this consciousness you will accept and believe things can change, and you can be guided by the hypnotherapist into beliefs that you want to have, to improve your life or your health.

But you have to be willing to be hypnotized.  You have to really want the changes that are being put to you.  If you don’t really want to change, no one else can make you do it.


How does it help change your mind?

During a hypnotherapy session the the therapist will use a soothing, somewhat monotonous vocal technique to help you get into the dreamlike trance state you need to be in to be suggestible.

For your part, you try to shut out any external stimuli and focus all your thoughts on the voice of the hypnotherapist and the things he is saying.

During the session, if you have achieved the correct state, you will switch off your logical conscious mind which gives all the reasons why you can’t achieve your goal and make use of your imaginative subconscious mind which is open to all possibilities.

Instead of shutting down the suggestions, you start to see ways to make them happen.

That is the power of being in a hypnotic state.


Do you need to use a therapist to get the benefits of hypnosis?

At one time, the answer to this was probably yes.

But great improvements in audio technology mean that it’s possible to record the voice of a therapist and for it to be just as effective as having one in the room – but a lot less costly!

Add in today’s broadband technology and you could be getting the benefits of a great hypnosis audio recording just a few minutes after deciding to try it out.

And as most reputable manufacturers offer a money back guarantee, you have literally nothing to lose.  If you don’t see the benefit, you get your money back.


So what can you use hypnosis for?

The practical applications for these techniques are significant and growing.

Hypnosis can be used, amongst other things, for the treatment of:

  • Asthma
  • Chronic pain
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Snoring
  • ADHD
  • Dental Pain
  • Surgical procedures

It can also be used for personal development subjects that attempt to change your behaviours and feelings such as:

  • Relieve Stress
  • Have better relationships
  • Getting over phobias
  • Procrastination
  • More self confidence
  • Losing weight
  • Panic attacks
  • Give up smoking
  • Sleep better
  • Improve memory

And many more.

Can hypnotherapy help fix any problems for you?

If you currently have an issue, mental or physical, some emotional disorders in your life that you need to address, perhaps you could consider hypnotherapy as a solution.

It’s easy to find a hypnotherapist that would help you or if your budget won’t stretch that far, you could try purchasing a hypnosis mp3 audio from a reputable manufacturer such as Hypnosis Live.


What can hypnosis do summary

To summarise, then, I believe that hypnosis and self-hypnosis can do a lot to help you tackle personal issues.

Try visiting a professional hypnotherapist or buy and try audio files in the comfort of your own home.

It could turn out to be your best discovery in quite a while!

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on what can hypnosis do for you.  If you did, please consider leaving a comment.  It would be great to hear from you.

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