What are some theta binaural beats benefits?

Theta binaural beats benefits introduction

theta binaural beats benefitsWelcome to this article considering theta binaural beats benefits.

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In it I will explain how listening to theta waves binaural beats can help you in your life.

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Firstly, what are brain waves?

Your brain is an amazing and complex instrument and totally controls everything you do.

It consists of billions of neurons which communicate with each constantly, generating electrical signals to other neurons.

The accumulated electrical activity going on can be monitored and recorded by a electroencephalograph machine, more commonly known as an EEG machine.

The measured activity is recorded in cycles per second or Hertz and when shown graphically looks like a wave cycle.

Consequently, your brain activity at any one time is known as a brainwave pattern.

There are five widely accepted patterns – Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.


Why are the brainwave patterns important?

You realise the importance of brainwaves when it sinks in that the brainwave pattern you are in dictates how you feel.

We know that particular waves lead to predictable states of mind which in turn leads to our perception of reality, and so our actual reality.

We should therefore try to get ourselves into brainwave states that lead to positive results as often as possible.

But it isn’t always easy to slow down your mind in this demanding, always on world with the lifestyles we need.  So we can get a little help from binaural beats to achieve these positive brainwave states quickly and easily.


What are binaural beats?

The correct name for the process of using audio to bring our brains to a particular state is brainwave entrainment, or BWE.

Binaural beats is a brainwave entrainment technique (along with monaural beats and isochronic tones) that has come to be the catch-all phrase used to describe the effect.

Binaural beats work by playing one tone, say 200Hz in one ear and another tone, say 210Hz in the other ear.  The theory states that the brain then ‘creates’ a phantom tone of the difference ie 10Hz.

In this case, after a period of listening, your brain would resonate at an alpha frequency which would cause you to feel in a relaxed but reasonably alert state conducive to meditation and introspection.

As you must hear a different tone in each ear, headphones MUST be used to get results.  Other entrainment methods such as isochronic tones and monaural beats do not require the use of headphones.

Read my article here for a more detailed explanation of what they are and how to use binaural beats.


Theta brainwaves

Our brains are said to be in theta when measuring between 4Hz and 7Hz, or as some say, between 4Hz and 8Hz.

When your brain is in the theta brainwave state it – and you – would be feeling very relaxed.  At the higher end you would be calm and relaxed, receptive to learning and engaging in creative activities such as reading or writing.  At the lower end you would be really very relaxed and could easily practice your meditation.

Children have been shown to spend more time in theta than when they are older. Children have less responsibilities than adults and naturally live more in the moment.  Perhaps less worries cause them to spend more time in a relaxed state conducive to slower brainwaves?  This may explain why children learn very quickly and often just soak up information presented to them.

We may inadvertantly pass through theta on our way to sleep but it is quite difficult to achieve and hold the state on purpose.

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Theta binaural beats benefits

Theta is a very versatile state with many benefits and we can all experience these benefits by deliberately spending more time in this state.

The benefits can be sorted into four main categories:

#1 Theta waves healing benefits

The outright best benefit of spending time producing these brainwaves is in mind and body healing.


Anxiety Release
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Theta waves can cause stress relief and anxiety reduction

Any time we can slow down our minds, by meditation or listening to brainwave entrainment we naturally become less stressed.

Stress is the major cause of mental and physical problems in our lives today.  We should make it a personal goal to get out of stress and into relaxation as often as we can.

And less stress naturally leads to greater mental clarity.  If your mind isn’t in an erratic state it will stop jumping around and let you focus more on the things you want.

If you are practicing meditation for all the benefits deep meditation offers, listening to a theta waves binaural beats track will help you get there much quicker.

You will sleep better with theta binaural beats

Getting into this brain state more often and on a regular basis will help you sleep better and experience deep relaxation.  Less stress in your life will cause less disruption to your sleep.

And often you may experience what are known as lucid dreams.  This is a type of dream where you have some control over the things you do in it.  You are aware you are in a dream and can choose who is in it with you and where it is.

Your body heals faster

I’m sorry to go on about it, but stress is the biggest cause of physical problems in your body.

Stress causes hormones to be created in your body such as adrenaline and cortisol when they don’t really need to be there.  You need them in a true fight or flight situation but we get stressed these days worrying about how our hair looks!

Studies have shown that people who suffer from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) often experience less theta wave activity.

Spending time in theta allows you to physically relax.  It can cause your muscles to properly physically relax and may reduce any pain you are in.

You will naturally lower your heart rate and possibly blood pressure as part of your meditation.

If you naturally (or by listening to BWE tracks) spend a lot of time in a beta brainwave state you may experience imbalances in your potassium and sodium levels.  This leads then to mental fatigue and a difficulty to concentrate as these minerals carry important chemicals between the cells in your brain.

Getting your brain into theta can help reset that balance and you will feel refreshed and more mentally relaxed.


#2 Increased learning, creativity and intuition

Being in a calm, slower state will increase your ability to learn and memorise facts and figures.

It will also put you in a frame of mind to access your natural creativity and intuition, allowing you to be more productive in the work you need to do.

Being in a theta state can also improve your problem solving skills.

Creative people such as artists, writers and musicians often experience more theta waves than most.  Conversely, they often experience blocks to their creativity if they spend too long in beta and don’t allow themselves to get into theta.

Theta wave binaural beats can provide the perfect solution to temporary creativity roadblocks such as writer’s block.


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#3 More confidence (and happiness?)

Spending time in theta can improve your sense of self esteem and everyone can do with a dose of that.

You will be more confident and self assured in your skills and abilities.

And you will find it easier to make any desired changes in yourself as a result of being open-minded and receptive to new ideas and technologies such as hypnosis and subliminal messages.

#4 Greater emotional and spiritual connections

Several theta binaural beats benefits occur in the area of relationships and spirituality.

Following regular sessions you will find yourself a calmer, more focussed person in many areas of your life.

Naturally you will also become clearer on what relationships you want in your life and on what terms.  If you are looking for a partner, knowing what you are looking for, combined with a more compassionate you, can lead to new emotional meetings and relationships.

When your brain is in theta, it can often tap into your subconscious where you store all the memories that have led you have the beliefs that you have and to be the person you are.  You can examine and change any negative beliefs you hold about yourself to enable you to be the best you to offer a potential partner.

Similarly, if you want to, this state can let you access the true feelings you may have around spirituality and a higher force or being.  You may receive intuition and insights that guide you to a greater connection with whatever higher power you believe in.


Are there any theta binaural beats warnings ?

There are a couple of things you should be aware of, but they are minor and in no way detract from the huge benefits theta waves provide.

Firstly, there are a number of people who should not listen to binaural beats or brainwave entrainment.  Always read any documents supplied by the producer of the audio to ensure you stay safe.

Lack of proper documentation is one reason I don’t listen to free theta binaural beats downloads, on youtube for example.

Read my article here for a lot more information on who shouldn’t listen to these tracks and avoiding any dangers of binaural beats.

Secondly, be aware that your initial experiences with theta may be a bit overwhelming.

If you haven’t meditated before, the extreme relaxation offered by a  binaural beats theta meditation on your wired beta brain may be surprising.  It may even actually leave you feeling a bit tired afterwards.

But don’t be put off by it.  Keep at it as the benefits are well worth it.

Finally, be aware that not every theta binaural beats mp3 will provide all the benefits listed here.   This is because different recordings may target specific results by just using specific frequencies within the theta spectrum.  Always check the expected results of any binaural beats you buy to make sure it meets your expectations.

That said, many mp3s will provide a track that sweeps across the whole of Theta and will provide many of the benefits in a single recording.


Theta binaural beats benefits summary

In summary, theta is an awesome and very versatile brainwave state to spend time in.

On the one hand, if you are the type of person who is always stressed, anxious and wound up you will benefit from theta binaural beats.  Listening can take you down into a slower, deeply relaxed state as a temporary antidote to a wired and stressfull life.

But on the other hand listening to theta music on a regular basis will have a seriously calming effect on all your life as you experience theta healing.

Theta heals all parts of your mind and body.

As you listen more you will notice that you cope better in stressful and challenging situations.  You will worry and suffer anxiety less.  Your body will be less tense and you will sleep better as a result of feeling more confident and contented.

Regular use of theta will train your brain – having entrained it – to be relaxed as a matter of course whilst also remaining in the present and being aware of what’s going on around you.

Being in a theta brainwave state is a wonderful experience and the good news is that it is much easier to get into that state using binaural beats specifically engineered to produce those waves in your brain.


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Oh, what are the other four brainwaves?

Gamma Waves

Gamma brainwaves typically have a frequency between 25Hz and 40Hz, and on up to 100HZ.  Until the 1960s they were relatively unknown as it was not possible to accurately measure them with instruments at that time.

When in gamma, the brain function sweeps all areas and this helps link information and improve the thinking function.

Spending time in gamma will improve focus, memory, cognitive thinking and leave you feeling more satisfied.

It’s not a coincidence that many high IQ individuals, skilled musicians, academic achievers spend a lot of time in gamma.

You can read more about gamma waves here.

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Beta Waves

If you are in beta brainwaves oscillate within the 13Hz – 25Hz range.

When your brain is in this range, you are wide awake, stimulated and ready for focus and concentration.

Listening to beta binaural beats is like taking a stimulant such as caffeine but without the ill effects of doing so.  There will be no crash later, just a gradual slowing down of the brain to a more relaxed state.

You can read more about beta waves here.

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Alpha Waves

Alpha wave patterns occur between 8Hz and 12Hz.

You can move your brain into a slower and more relaxed state by practicing meditation or listening to alpha wave binaural beats brainwave entrainment audios.

Alpha waves are associated with being relaxed yet alert.

As you do so you will find yourself relaxing and calm, an antidote to today’s busy life.

You can read more about alpha waves here.

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Delta Waves

Delta waves measure between 0.5Hz – 4Hz and if your brain operating at this slow  speed, you are probably experiencing dreamless sleep!

Getting into a stable delta brainwave state will give you a deep and restful sleep.

Read my article on Delta waves here.

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I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on theta binaural beats benefits.

Leave a comment.  It would be great to hear from you.

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