Manifestation Magic Review

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Manifestation Magic Review Introduction

Manifestation Magic Review

Welcome to my Manifestation Magic Review.

I’ve been interested in manifestation, manifesting, and the law of attraction for many years.  I have tried or looked carefully at many programs to see what they can offer and if they differ from the herd in what they can give you.

I came across Manifestation Magic recently and decided to get a copy for myself to test it out.  It has been out for a while in an earlier version, but in 2020 the producer brought out version 2.0 with a big fanfare! It promises more features and better manifestation results for the users! 

In this article, I’ll tell you all about the manifestation magic program, what it contains, i.e., what you get for your money and what I think about the audios. I’ll list all the benefits of manifestation magic and try to explain why it’s an effective program to follow and help you to understand precisely what it can do for you.  

If you’ve read any other articles on my site, you’ll know I listen to an awful lot of binaural beats and brainwave entrainment.  One thing I noticed in this program is the use of NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  More about that later.

For now, we’ll get on with the review.  I hope you like it.  Please consider letting me have your thoughts.

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Manifestation Magic in a nutshell (in case you don’t have time for the full review)

Product:  Manifestation Magic

What is it:  A complete start manifestation system to teach you how to manifest anything you want using scientifically produced audio mp3 files with subliminal affirmations and NLP hypnotic suggestions.  

What do you get:  Quite a package, actually

 – Quickstart Manifestation guide and Cosmic Ordering clarification form

 – Core Twighlight Transformation Energy Orbiting Track + 3 supporting audio tracks

 – Seven additional tracks forming the 360 Transformation System 

 – Chakra Power System with seven audios to target and align each of the chakras    

 – Push Play app to install on your phone

 – Bonus abundance and sleep audios 

 – Corona rescue package 


 – Can be used in just a few minutes each day 

 – Simple to use, no long scripts or exercises to follow 

 – Anyone can find the time and benefit from it 

 – A companion app for Android and Apple means the audios are always conveniently available for you 

 – Original version updated and improved to V2.0 

  – 60 day 100% money-back guarantee


 – Brainwave entrainment isn’t suitable for everyone 

Cost: $37 (at time of writing) for the Manifestation Magic System + all bonuses (Recommended) or $27 for just the system


What is Manifestation Magic 2.0?

It is a self-improvement system that can help you achieve your goals concerning love, money, career, or any other thing you may lack.

In particular, the primary purpose of Manifestation Magic is to help you manifest for yourself real income.

It claims to achieve this by removing barriers to wealth that you might have that you don’t even know you have!  

You might consciously think you want wealth, but then you harbor unconscious beliefs that cause you to take actions that block you from achieving your wealth goals.

A typical example that many people have is a belief from childhood or early years that rich people are somehow unsavory, perhaps arrogant and uncaring.  

You may not know how you got these beliefs, and you don’t consciously believe them now, but they are holding you back.

You will read more about these beliefs mentioned above in the Law of Attraction section.

This program helps you get over these barriers through the use of two main modules.

Manifestation Magic Main Module #1

The first is the “Energy Orbiting” audio files that you download when you buy the program.

These are audio mp3 tracks that use a powerful soundwave technology called Brainwave Entrainment, combined with careful subliminal suggestions.  

When you listen to these tracks, they work to clear negative thought patterns from deep within your subconscious mind. 

They change the shape of your brainwaves, putting you into receptive resourceful states and then affirming your right to wealth subliminally.

And the beauty of these audios is that you don’t have to do anything else – just listen and relax.  They will work for anyone who can listen to brainwave entrainment.  (A few people can’t so check before you start.)

Manifestation Magic Main Module #2

Second is the 66-page Manifestation Guide.  It tells you the step-by-step process of how to manifest what you want, and details of how to use the audio files. 

The mp3s themselves can bring about the change in you that you want.  But when you combine them with the simple 5 step process explained in the guide, you will find yourself manifesting considerably more of the things that you want.

And once you get a few wins and realize it actually works, the belief gets stronger, and you manifest more.  Your goals get more significant, yet you still achieve them.

You may want things – a nicer car, a bigger home – or a good relationship of a boost in your career.  All of those things are worthy of manifestation.

Whatever it is that you do want, unshakeable confidence with good morals, and the right actions will get them for you.

What does this program do, and who is it for?

The Manifestation Magic program promises to help you remove and get past feelings and beliefs that you are not worthy of wealth and success.

It helps you stop and immediately replace negative thoughts that come up when you think about your success.  To talk the lingo, it enables you to lift and maintain your positive vibrations.

The audios work in a totally natural way to reprogram your mind to believe you can be wealthy, follow your heart, and find true and lasting love.

The program is suitable for anyone who senses something is holding them back but can’t figure out what.

It is for anyone who wants more out of life but can’t seem to move forward.


How does Manifestation Magic work?

Your brain consists of billions of neurons. When they communicate, i.e., when you think, each one fires off an electrical pulse.  You can measure this activity with an EEG machine and express it in hertz, or Hz.

The brain moves through ranges depending on activity.  Higher frequencies occur when we concentrate hard, through lower brainwave states of relaxation, lower still during meditation, and the lowest are recorded as we go to sleep and during sleep.

But the fascinating thing to note is that our brainwave state dictates the state of our mind. 

We can predict our mood if we know what brainwave pattern our mind is in, and our mood dictates how we see our reality, and therefore our reality itself.

It makes sense, then, that we should put ourselves into resourceful states as quickly and as often as possible. Unfortunately it is often difficult to get into these states by yourself.

Brainwave entrainment uses particular embedded tones in music that causes your brain to sync up to the desired brainwave state. 

You can read a lot more about binaural beats and brainwave entrainment in my article here.

When the brain is relaxed and in a very suggestible state, the audios implant positive suggestions by repetition.  

In such a relaxed state, the mind will accept the repeated suggestions as real and will integrate them into your thoughts and emotions, and subsequently into your actions.

What brainwave states does Manifestation Magic use?

Each of the audio tracks in the system is tuned to specific brainwave frequencies.  Usually, your brain will align with the frequency in the audio after listening for about eight minutes.  

In other words, after about eight minutes, your brain should be producing waves of the desired frequency.

The Manifestation Magic program audios help you to access three different helpful brainwave states.

#1 – Delta Waves 0Hz – 4Hz

Delta brainwaves are the slowest waves and represent the deepest states of relaxation, occurring naturally during deep, dreamless sleep.  Delta occurs in infants and young children, but we tend to produce less as we get older.

It is thought that the body heals when in this state and produces hormones that maintain joints, skin, and bone.  Digestion is promoted and maintenance of the immune system.

It is thought that while in Delta, we can gain access to our subconscious mind and collective, universal subconscious.  During this time, we can access an intelligence and insights that we can recollect while back at a conscious level.


#2 Theta Waves 4Hz – 8Hz

Theta waves naturally occur during light sleep when our brains are cycling at 4Hz – 8Hz.  They also happen as we are falling asleep and just as we awake.

When in theta, both sides of the brain are in sync. Further, it believed that the whole of the brain could be used.

It is the dominant brainwave state of most children and teenagers.

Master meditators often aim for a theta state as it promotes a reduction in stress and promotes health and longevity.  It is described as being both asleep and aware at the same time.

There are many benefits of theta waves, included deep relaxation, better intuition, and access to a vivid imagination for inspiration and creativity.


#3 Beta waves 13Hz – 40Hz

When we are awake, we spend most of our time in beta, and it is a really useful state.

Being in beta allows us to access focussed attention so we can successfully engage in mental activity.  It uses the right side of our brain to experience concentration and alertness to enable logic and problem-solving faculties.

As with all brainwave states, there can be a downside to too much beta. Too much can cause anxiety and can worsen sleep. 


Manifestation Magic and the Law of Attraction

If you have an interest in personal development, you will doubtless have come across the Law of Attraction.

LOA has been around as a concept for many years. It came to prominence and was massively popularised in a feature-length film in 2006 by Rhonda Byrne. 

The basic LOA premise is that you experience your reality based upon how you think and feel.

When you are feeling in a low vibration state and negative, negative things happen to you, such as career problems and relationship breakdowns.

Conversely, when you are in a positive, high vibration state, positive things happen, and things go well for you.  You get on well at work and enjoy financial success, for example.

It’s obvious when you think about it.  When you are positive, you look to the good, seeking opportunities and treating people well.  When negative, you don’t believe anything works and are less communicative.

You should consider that your life currently represents the sum total of all your past, good or bad thoughts.

So it makes sense to be positive as often as possible.

Being positive can be achieved from time to time, but it is much more challenging to stay positive consistently.

Why is that?

How Manifestation Magic boosts positivity

The problem is that, even if we think we are positive, we often harbor deep-seated negative beliefs that cause us to fall into negativity.

Often, they are below our consciousness, and we don’t even know we hold these beliefs.

These are belief patterns that shake our confidence when they surface.  Beliefs such as:

I don’t deserve success – I’m not good enough – I’m too old – I don’t have the education,  and so on.

Think about it and add your favorite negative belief to the list.

To stay positive more often, we need to address these harmful programs on a subconscious level.

That’s precisely what the Manifestation Magic audios do with their combination of brainwave entrainment, subliminal messages, and NLP language.


What are subliminal messages and NLP?

Most people are aware of subliminal messaging as it has been used for many years now.  It involves playing suggestions at a very low volume so that your conscious mind does not hear them, but your subconscious picks up every word.  

They work to reprogram your negative beliefs by bypassing your conscious thoughts and don’t cause your beliefs to pop up to remind you you’re not good enough, too old, etc.

NLP is a study of, amongst other things, how the language and words we use affect how we feel and respond.  Many hypnosis tracks these days are based on NLP phrases.  The affirmations used in these audios follow good practice designed in NLP. 

The tracks are easy to use because they don’t require any effort from you.  All you have to do is listen to them when you are in a sleepy and suggestible state, such as when you are going to sleep.


Who designed this system?

The creator of manifestation magic is Alexander J Wilson.  

Alexander is an author with several books in his stable in concepts around manifestation, law of attraction, the power of visualization.

In an astonishing coincidence (or was it?) after he lost his job, his home collapsed, and his car broke down, he called an Uber.

His driver was a hugely successful and famous spiritual guide driving for a spiritual experiment, and they got talking.  Manifestation Magic began as an idea in that conversation and grew from there! 


Manifestation Magic Review Summary

This system is a program to help people become more positive more often.

It achieves this by using audio mp3 files containing brainwave entrainment, subliminal affirmations, and suggestions written in a format designed in NLP.

It’s easy to use and won’t take over your life.

You mostly follow the system by listening to a 20-minute audio file on your way to sleep and read a simple but powerful guide on manifesting your desires.

If you want to spend more time on it, there is a sizeable library of support materials that will help you further and faster.

It comes with a full 60-day money-back guarantee so you don’t have to worry you may be wasting your money.  If you don’t like it, you can get your money back!

You should try this system today.  

You have everything to gain and literally have nothing to lose!


More details on the Manifestation Magic contents

The core Manifestation Magic System

Manifestation Magic Energy Orbiting audios

There are three audios in the core:

#1 Twilight Transformation Delta audio

This is the most important track of the system.  You will see results if you only listen to this track.  Listen to it every night as you go to sleep for at least a month.

#2 10 Minute Meditator Theta audio

This track is to listen to during the day and makes for a good day if you start your day listening to it.  It focuses on syncing up theta brainwaves, generally associated with deep meditation.

It comes with two different backing tracks and is like an hour’s meditation in 10 minutes.  Listen while doing nothing else

#3 Daytime Wealth Activator Beta audio

Let this one run in the background as you go about your work.  Let the beta brainwave help you focus and be more productive regularly.


Bonus Chakra Power System audios

Manifestation Magic Chakra Power System

Just 10 minutes long, these audios will leave you feeling energized after each listening.  Each clearing audio focuses on negative patterns associated with the chakra centers in the body.

Listen to them in order as below.  Listen to each at least three times over a week then move on.  More listening is better.

#1 Root Base chakra clearing session

Focuses on the base energy center and clears negative, fearful feelings about money, moving from scarcity thinking to abundance thinking.

#2 Sacral chakra clearing session

Focuses on the second energy center and works to embed positive feelings about wealth, allowing you to be happy about generating wealth.

#3 Solar plexus full potential session

Focuses on the third energy center and helps you tune into the money-making potential and to become creative about making money by helping others.

#4 Heart gratitude abundance session

Focuses on the fourth energy center and helps you tap into sincere gratitude and open the loving flow of money energy into your life.

#5 Throat chakra true self session

Focuses on the fifth energy center, building an authentic wealth mindset to allow you to generate wealth by expressing your true self.

#6 Pineal gland intuition session

Focuses on the sixth energy center and teaches you to trust your intuition when choosing actions that create wealth

#7 Crown chakra higher purpose session

Focuses on the seventh energy center, this audio helps you think about your higher purpose in life


Bonus Manifestation Magic review 360 transformation system

Magic Manifestation 360 transformation system

Seven support tracks that will guide you into a state of natural relaxation, depending on your emotional state before you listen.

Make yourself comfortable and try to ensure you won’t be disturbed. Just relax and focus on the sounds you hear as they guide you on a subconscious level.

Like any skill, listening to brainwave entrainment might take some practice before you become attuned to the sounds.  But as you practice more, the faster you will feel the effects and get the benefits.

As you listen, be open, calm, and curious about what the music and sounds are doing to you, how they are changing you.  

Don’t try to force them.  Just allow your mind to accept the coding and adjust to the profound changes and improvements they are making to you during the process of listening.

#1 Wealth Awakening

Designed to bring about in you calm attention as you go about your day.  Enjoy success and creative thinking and problem-solving.

#2 Mystical Chi Gung

This track will help you to unwind after your day.  Release tension and restore balance as you allow your body recovery time.

#3 The Heartbeat

This audio is designed to get you focused on your heart center so that you can tap into your heart intuition and inner intuition.  Listen when you have questions you want to answer authentically with your heart.

#4 Slow String Relaxation

If you are feeling low or lacking in energy, this audio will give you an emotional lift.  Its subconscious rhythms will lift your spirit, raise your positive vibrations, and make you feel good to be alive.

#5 Stargaze

This audio contains spacey sounds designed to bring out the creative energy that will allow you to bring out your business ingenuity and intuition.  Have it playing while you consider money-making ventures.

#6 Divine Tranquility

If you find yourself ever feel lost or overwhelmed by life, this audio will help return you to a feeling of inner peace, calm, and focused thinking so you can find your reason for living.  When you have a purpose, success comes so much easier.

#7 Whispering Waves

This audio will help bring about change within you as you transform yourself into being a person capable of wealth.  It will help you accept that by giving, you deserve the wealth you are generating.


Manifestation Magic review – the companion app

Manifestation Magic Audio app

One useful thing about this program is that it comes with push-play app containing the whole program.

Other programs let you download the audios to your computer, but then you have to transfer them yourself to a portable device for listening.  After all, who takes their laptop to bed?!

I downloaded it to my android phone and tablet, and it works really well. It contains the guide and all the audios in the program. It means that you have access to any part of the program at any time for your convenience. 

It’s a great way to listen in bed, and if you want to listen to the core Twilight Transformation bed overnight, consider buying a set of sleep phones.

See sleep phones in the USA here and sleep phones in the UK here.

Review of the Quick Start Manifestation Guide

Manifestation Magic Guide Introduction

The Manifestation Guide that comes as part of Manifestation Magic is a fascinating read that cleverly weaves together the various elements of getting what you want.

It amalgamates basic goal setting and visualization techniques with more new-age thinking of the Law of Attraction and Manifesting.

As it’s part of the product, I won’t go into too much detail, but I can give the five necessary steps to manifestation that the author uses.  I assure you that the author goes into great depth and detail for each of the steps so you won’t be left floundering and not knowing what to do.

The steps combined with the audios will have you feeling good in no time.  When you feel good, everything in life works better.

The five steps to manifest money

#1 Get clear on what you want.

It’s obvious, isn’t it but amazing how many people miss this step.  Lots of people know what they don’t want, but then they are focusing on the negative.  How can you get anywhere if you don’t know where you are going?

#2 Visualize yourself having it

When you have a thought, your mind simply can’t tell if it’s real or imagined.  Use this mind trick or hack as outlined in this guide to help your manifesting efforts. The guide tells you exactly how to visualize to achieve results.

#3 Don’t wait to feel good – feel good now!

The guide explains how to remove resistance to your goals and allow yourself to feel good about having them.  Learn how to feel now how you will feel after you have brought about your wishes and enjoy it now.

#4 Don’t be attached to the outcome, just allow it

This concept is key to manifestation, and the idea comes up in many teachings.  Attachment to things can become harmful in nature and prevent you from getting them.  Just set your intentions and trust the universe to deliver.

#5 Spot Obstacles and Overcome them

This chapter is an excellent one and helps you identify actions within yourself that block the manifestation process.  Common obstacles are judging others and getting involved in gossip.  This whole course is about helping you raise your vibration and keeping your positive vibrations high, and these actions will only drag you down and only stop your efforts.  Read the chapter to see a whole list of activities and emotions to avoid.  

I hope you enjoyed my Magic Manifestation Review.  If you did, please consider leaving a comment.  I’d love to hear from you.


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