Law of Attraction Binaural Beats

Law of Attraction Binaural Beats Introduction

Law of Attraction Binaural BeatsIf you’re a fan of brainwave entrainment and also the law of attraction, you may have wondered if there were any law of attraction binaural beats you can download.

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After all, the law of attraction states that you manifest what you think about and your thoughts are affected positively or negatively by your mood. Binaural beats can help you alter your mood so it stands to reason that you should be able to use them to boost your law of attraction and manifesting efforts.

The law of attraction is one of the most popular personal development topics so I’ve spent some time researching this and my findings are here.  I hope you find them useful.

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What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is a law of nature, much like the law of gravity, but much more difficult to quantify and prove.

To prove the law of gravity you only need to drop a rock from a height to prove it.  If you weigh the rock, measure the fall and time how long it takes, you can come up with a formula for it.

The law of attraction is more difficult to measure and very hard to quantify so consequently you won’t be able to find a scientist to confirm it to you.  But oddly, the more we discover about quantum physics and the molecular makeup of our world the more the law of attraction makes sense!

This is because the basic concept the law of attraction (loa) holds that everything is made up of energy, including our thoughts and feelings and energy produces vibrations.

The loa at its simplest states that ‘like attracts like‘ so our thoughts and feelings vibrate out into the world and attract like thoughts.  If we think thoughts of lack, we receive back situations and circumstances of lack.  Equally if we think thoughts of our abundance, the universe will receive abundance vibrations and give us abundance.

A different way to state this is to explain that whatever you think about consistently will show up in your life.  If we focus our thinking in a way we can change our perception of circumstances which will allow us to see opportunities we may otherwise have missed.

Equally, too, if we aren’t careful what we think about and allow ourselves to constantly moan and whine we can bring negative things to ourselves.

It is said that we have 60,000 thoughts each day so it makes sense that we should do all we can to have good thoughts because it is too our benefit.


The LOA isn’t just New Age thinking

Now, I know that sounds like New Age Woo-Woo thinking but it has validity in many aspects of our day to day lives.

For a simple example, think of a scenario where you have ordered a product online and it isn’t as expected.  You ring customer services and have two mindset options: to rant and rave, being rude, or to be calm, explain the problem and ask how they can help.

In the first option you are focusing on the negative aspects and in the second the positive. But you are much more likely to achieve your goal ie a refund or replacement product by taking the positive approach.

If you are building a career or business, a positive mind that knows what it wants to achieve is far more likely to see and grasp opportunities than one that is scattered and hasn’t a clue about goals.

Law of Attraction training programs will usually include mindset sessions to help you become positive, practical sessions to help you decide exactly what you want and set goals, and visualisation exercises.  Together these three elements can deliver powerful manifestation results.

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Manifesting Brainwaves and Binaural Beats

So how can a Law of Attraction binaural beats mp3 audio files help with attraction?

If you want to know about what brainwave states and binaural beats are, pop over to my article here then come back to this page.

Basically, our brains generate electrical impulses all the time when the billions of neurons communicate with each other to get things done.

The accumulation of these impulses can be read by an EEG machine and is known as a brainwave pattern because of the cyclical and wave-like nature of the signals.  They are measured in cycles per second or Hertz (Hz).

The point to understand about this is that the state of our brainwaves will indicate the state of our mind.  Our brain wave states correlate to our states of mind and if we can put ourselves into a particular brainwave state, the state of mind and mood will naturally follow.

Over time five brainwave frequency categories have been identified:

  • Gamma      40-100 Hz    Cognition, Memory, Learning New Material
  • Beta            14-40 Hz       Concentration, Problem-Solving,
  • Alpha           8-14 Hz        Relaxation, Relaxed Focus, Light Trance
  • Theta           4-8 Hz          REM sleep, Creativity, Intuition, Hypnotic State, Retention of learned materials
  • Delta            1-4 Hz          Deep Dreamless Sleep

For loa, we need to become proficient at getting ourselves into Alpha and especially Theta brain states.

If we listen to properly produced binaural beats tones, we can train ourselves to access these resourceful states much more easily.


Why are Alpha and Theta helpful in manifesting?

Research has shown that we experience all these brainwaves all of the time in varying amounts and it is natural to do so.  However, one will be dominant at any one time.  By using binaural beats we can guide our minds to the most useful states when we want them.

When we are in Alpha our brains and thoughts slow down, we relax and feel less stress.  We often feel capable of more and are ‘in the zone.’  The Alpha brainwave state is linked to problem solving, contemplation and visualisation, all of which are useful in manifesting.

When in Alpha we can think about and visualise the things we want to achieve.  This brain state allows us to access our subconscious , imagine more vividly and brings up deeper emotions which stay with us after we leave this state.

Theta is slower and deeper than Alpha and harder to deliberately achieve.  In Theta you are said to be able to access an inner higher mind from which you can receive intuitions, guidance and inspiration.

You can use Theta to reprogram your mind and habits more effectively by visualising the desired results and by repeating affirmations.

Theta can be accessed by using best binaural beats or self-hypnosis, or a combination of the two.  People proficient at self-hypnosis can learn to enter Theta after just a few minutes listening.

Thoughts and Affirmations MUST be positive to be effective

When you have decided on your success goals, whether you want to attract wealth and have more money, better relationships, build a career, or something else you will create a set of affirmations for yourself to focus on.  These will serve to remind you of your plans and dreams.

It is extremely important when you formulate your positive thoughts and affirmations that they are 100% positive in both words and form.  Only positive affirmations will work.

You must be sure to phrase them as the thing you DO want as opposed to stating what you DON’T want.

“I am doing well financially” will work much better than “I don’t want to be in debt.”  The subconscious seems to ignore the negative and will only focus on the “I want to be in debt” part of the statement.

And it seems to have much more of an effect if the statement evokes happy feelings and emotions and is stated in the present tense.

This is especially true when you practice loa in Theta as Theta seems to record everything you think directly to your subconscious mind.  Using Law of Attraction binaural beats can help you get to Theta quickly and efficiently.

So make sure the statement is positive, present and makes you feel happy.


Vision Board Binaural Beats

Many people are visual learners and benefit greatly from something visual they can focus on.

LOA training will often advocate creating a vision board.  This is similar to a one page scrapbook where you will post photos, newspaper clippings, quotes or anything else that reminds you of your goals.

The Mind Movies people have come up with a clever way of creating a digital mp4 movie that combines images, affirmations, stirring music and binaural beat in just three minutes. They claim watching for three minutes twice a day can literally program your mind to your goals and have a massive impact on you manifesting efforts.

===> Try 6 free movies here to see if it works for you.


Meditation and the Law of Attraction

It’s difficult to talk about loa without mentioning Meditation.

Meditation has so many recorded benefits that it’s hard to figure out why everybody doesn’t do it.

Meditation can instantly reduce stress and relax you.  Regular meditation will help you quickly access useful brain waves.  You will think clearer, have more empathy, more energy and you may even look younger!  Meditation can be used to increase spiritual practices, and healing too as less stress benefits your total body.

===> Read my article on how to start meditating here.

===> If you are interested, you can read my review of my favourite binaural beats meditation program, Zen12, here.  12 levels of meditation, going deeper each month.  Four different audios each month to suit your listening preferences including a guided meditation each month.


Law of Attraction Binaural Beats Resources

There are several resources I would recommend if you want to experiment with the law of attraction and binaural beats, depending on the time you have available and your learning preference.

===> 15 Minute Manifestation. This is a 21 day program that reprograms your mind for manifesting.  Just listen for 15 minutes a day for 21 days.  After that you can continue listening to suit your needs.  There is also a manifestation guide to support the audios.


===> Manifestation Miracle.  If you have more time and are happy to work through an ebook this product may be for you.  It covers every aspect of mindset, affirmations, visualising and much more.  It has supporting binaural beats audio files and videos to reinforce each chapter.  This description really doesn’t do it justice and you should click on the link to see all this great product offers.

Click here for a text version if you would prefer to read about it.


===> Ultimate Success Package.  This is a bundle of products from The Unexplainable Store that focuses on success with the Law of Attraction.  It consists of two prosperity recordings, four motivational audios and one Theta manifestation recording.


===> Quantum Manifestation Code  This product is literally hot off the press and only just released.  There is too much to explain so watch the video for all the details.

Click here for a text version if you prefer.


Law of Attraction Binaural Beats Summary

I hope you enjoyed my law of attraction binaural beats report and that you found it useful.

If you did, consider leaving a comment.  It would be great to hear from you.

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Bye for now!

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