How to use the Placebo Effect shockingly well

How to use the placebo effect to your advantage

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This article considers how to use the Placebo Effect to your advantage in your daily life.  The placebo effect is now a well proven phenomenon and you can use it to help you to improve many aspects of your life.


Technological know-how is developing at an amazing pace.  Manufacturers are compressing computer parts into smaller and smaller spaces, and nowadays they are able to fit an incredible number of microprocessors onto the head of a pin.

However in spite of this high-speed boost in potential, the human brain continues to be the most potent ‘computer’ on earth.

If you were able to look within your brain, you would discover it was comprised of 100 billion nerve cells known as neurons. Every one of these offers the equivalent of about 60 megabytes of RAM. That is sufficient to process 1000s of procedures every single second. Multiply that by one hundred billion and you should get some perception of the power located on top of your shoulders.

And if you have ever thought about exactly how powerful the human brain is, the placebo effect supplies the ultimate example.


What is the Placebo Effect anyway?

The placebo effect happens when an individual is convinced they have been given something which is going to ease his or her symptoms or maybe help them to cope. It may take the form of a tablet, a shot, or even a cream, but no matter which form it takes, it’s got zero genuine medical value. Nonetheless, so long as the individual receiving it is convinced it will help them to control their particular circumstance effectively, then it will.

Such as the WWII soldier who had been operated on after he had been informed he had been injected with morphine. Or perhaps the man whose cancer-riddled body ended up being cured after he was informed he was being given a powerful fresh drug. Or maybe the students who were able to tolerate extreme heat after they were advised a powerful cooling solution had been used on their wrists.

Every time, the ‘medicine’ was actually a placebo. Saline solution for the soldier, sterilized water to the cancer sufferer, and straightforward hand cream for the students. If these people were isolated occurrences you may well be able to discount them. But they’re not.

Research upon research shows how men and women are able to withstand just about anything once they believe they are benefitting from some sort of external help – even if truly they are not receiving actual medication.

It used to be thought that the placebo effect was just a psychological response but there is now evidence that the placebo effect causes physical changes. The expectation of receiving medication that they believe will treat them can cause the same effect in the body as if they had actually had the treatment.

The people in these examples are convinced they are going to get better, or feel pain free, so their brain takes care of the rest. It turns off pain receptors and even repairs the body from inside, removing discomfort and in many cases even reversing so-called incurable conditions.

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My tips on how to use the Placebo Effect to your advantage

So, how can you use the placebo effect to your advantage in everyday life?

Here are some simple placebo effect examples and ways you can put the placebo effect into your life. To get the best benefit, truly believe and do not doubt that the technique will work.

1. Increasing Productivity and getting more done with a placebo.

If you ever start to feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, and it overwhems you, try this.

Set your alarm clock to wake you up half an hour earlier than you usually do. Then, when you wake up and get up, do something useful and tell yourself that you have more time and are getting more done. The 30 extra minutes will allow you to believe that you’ve got the time you need to make headway into your to-do list.

2. Use a placebo to boost your confidence

placebo effect examplesGet a pill bottle and make sure the original pills are gone. Into the bottle, put a good supply of sugar pills. Put a label on it that clearly shows they are “Confidence Boosters”. Any time you feel your confidence is low and you could do with a little extra boost of confidence, deliberately read the label and pop one or two in your mouth. Your brain will have registered that they are confidence boosters and, so long as you don’t tell it anything else, will generate a placebo response. Your brain will believe it and flood your brain with the appropriate chemicals.

3. Cutting down on food with a placebo trick.

This one is a bit of a trick. Just get some smaller plates and try eating your meals from them. Your brain will make you feel like you are actually getting a bigger portion but you won’t actually be eating more. This little trick will help you convince you’re brain that you are getting full faster.

4. Quick placebo energy booster

Pour a diet drink into an empty energy drink can. When you drink from it, you’re brain will see the energy drink can and will be convinced you are having an energy drink. This can give you an energy boost so long as you believe it will.

5. A placebo for fast relaxation

Similar to the confidence tip above, you can label a bottle with “Super Stress Reduction Tablets” and fill it with mints or sugar pills. Read the label before you take them and the words will sink into your brain and help you relax. Take a couple of pills this way any time you start to feel stressed and feel the need to de-stress.


Now, to use each of these simple placebo effects to your advantage, you have to believe they will work. It is not known quite how the placebo effect actually works but if you have the faith, it does. It taps into the power of the fantastic computer between your ears, your brain.

Your brain controls all your bodily functions and the placebo effect uses your brain to make changes that matter quickly and easily. And the great thing is that this tool is available for anyone to use, even you!


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I hope you enjoyed reading my article on how to use the placebo effect shockingly well.

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