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binaural beats help sleep

Why not use Binaural Beats to Sleep?

If you find yourself with varying or deteriorating sleep pattern, why not use binaural beats to sleep? Read this article to find out what binaural beats are, and how they can help you sleep. I …
Can Binaural Beats Harm you

Can Binaural Beats Harm You?

Can Binaural Beats Harm You? If you have considered using binaural beats, it may have crossed your mind to ask the question – can binaural beats harm you? In this short article I will try …
Meditation Myths

Meditation Myths – 7 Myths challenged

7 Meditation Myths and my challenges to them   Meditation myths – to many people, the word ‘meditation’ brings up images of chanting monks in a distant monastery on a hilltop on a deserted island. …
Meditation how to get started

Meditation how to get started

¬†Meditation how to get started and how to do it properly     For many people considering meditation how to get started at all is the big obstacle. Why do we need meditation? It’s well …
What are Binaural Beats?

What are Binaural Beats?

What are binaural beats? Put simply, binaural beats are an audio method of getting our brainwaves into a particular state for a particular period of time for a particular purpose using a different sound delivered …

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