Can a Stop Smoking Meditation help you quit?

Can a Stop Smoking Meditation help you quit smoking?

stop smoking meditation

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Binaural beats are useful in many situations and I decided to look into whether a binaural beats stop smoking meditation could actually be useful in quiting this extremely unhealthy habit.

In this article I will consider why people smoke, what may happen when you give up and how binaural beats can help.

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Why shouldn’t people smoke?

If you are an enlightened individual aware of popular health issues, you days may wonder why on earth people smoke these days.

But there is a history to smoking.  About 50 years ago more than two out of every five adults in America smoked.

In 2010 the World Health Organisation estimated from research that more than one billion people around the world smoke and five million people die each year from a health issue caused by their habit.

Furthermore a report in The Lancet, based on 2004 data, published a WHO report that estimated secondhand smoke kills 600,000 people across the world each year.

The CDC state in this article that it is the biggest cause of preventable disease and death in America and kills more than 480,000 every year.

Over time people have gained awareness of the dangers and cigarette use has declined.  Nevertheless, in 2016 15.5% of adult Americans are still smokers.  This equates to a shocking approximately 38 million adults still using cigarettes today.  And more than 16 million America in 2016 were suffering and living with a disease related to their smoking.

Add to that the less important, but not insignificant, cost of this habit today.  Governments tax cigarettes heavily and the cost per pack is high.  Even if you choose to ignore the health negatives, the sheer cost should be enough reason to quit.


So why do people smoke?

And yet, despite the devastating possible detriment to personal health, and the cost, people still smoke.  Why is that?

Originally, the cigarette was promoted as an aid to relaxation and the tobacco marketing companies led consumers to think that smoking was very cool.

Many years ago, cigarettes were everywhere. People widely smoked at home, in work, in the cars, in bars and just about everywhere.

But once they started, if they wanted to stop they found it extremely challenging to stop.  The active ingredient in cigarettes is nicotine and that has been found to be a very addictive substance.

It creates a dependence on itself and is hard to kick, even if your rational mind wants to.  The cravings just make you come back to them.

Many of the original smokers will have died since cigarettes became popular and over time they have become less popular, but people still start to smoke.

Many will have started due to peer pressure, not wanting to feel left out when their friends smoked. Others smoke to relieve stress, or to do something with their hands so they don’t eat.  Some actually just like to smoke and they just live for today and don’t worry about tomorrow.

Nowadays there are many good reasons to break this addiction and quit.  I’ve already cited health and cost considerations and in recent years it has become much more difficult to smoke in places other than your own home.

Workplaces, bars, schools, public transport and restaurants are some places which have been declared smoke free.


How to Quit Smoking

Giving up can be really difficult.

You want to quit because you are concerned about cancer, lung disease, heart disease and the effect your smoking has on your family and others.

You may have tried before, maybe even several times. You may be fed up of buying expensive nicotine patches and other aids to giving up.

You may even be successful for a time but then go back for just one more and start up again.

That’s because when you try to stop, you can’t just try to beat the nicotine addiction on its own.  You also need to make modifications to the behaviours that often automatically lead you to smoke.

Do you, for example, feel the need for a smoke first thing in the morning?  How about after sex, or when you are stressed at work?  Or after a meal or when you pour yourself a beer?

Your rational conscious mind knows the benefits and wants you to stop but you subconscious mind triggers the situations and behaviours that make you carry on.

Successful cessation of smoking is essentially a battle of willpower and training yourself not to respond to the triggers that used to make you smoke in a different way that is beneficial to you.

But as you conquer the behaviours, the withdrawal of nicotine will likely cause a physical response in your body.

The early days of quitting may cause you to be anxious and irritable, and have difficulty concentrating. You may have sweating fits, nausea, headaches and abdominal cramps.  You may experience depression.

Addicition withdrawal can be hard on your brain and body but you know it will be worth it in the end.

Mindfulness and meditation can definitely help.  Mindfulness can help you stay mindful and focus on the present moment to control your behaviour and meditation will help you calm and focus your mind on your goal.


Just 2 steps to quitting smoking

I know it sounds too simple but there are really only two steps to giving up:

1.  Decide to stop.

Just make the decision that from this moment you will never smoke again.  Gradual cutting down never seems to work and, of course, you still continue the habit.  At some stage you have to just stop.  Do it now!

2. Develop unshakeable willpower.

Believe with all your being that you can do it.  Believe that you can fight off the cravings and modify your behaviours, and then act out your beliefs.  Believe you will soon experience life smoke free with all the benefits you will get.


How can a stop smoking meditation help?

Stop Smoking MeditationI have discovered a binaural beats stop smoking meditation audio program that I believe will help you quit.

Click here to read what the maker has to say about it.

This meditation to quit smoking works by changing your underlying beliefs about smoking and by increasing willpower around smoking.

It is a set of three audio files that contains Theta binaural beats frequencies and a set of 15 subliminal affirmations designed to help you stop smoking.

The subliminal messages contain carefully sequenced phrases  the will stamp new empowering beliefs into your subconscious.

These phrases will help you to push the cravings away, boost your willpower and build a new self image that is healthy and free from nicotine.  They will remove negative beliefs that limit you and replace them with

The Theta frequencies entrain your brain  into a brainwave state that is extremely receptive to the subliminal affirmations being spoken.

Click here to see the specific 15 affirmations

The music also guides your brain to relax deeply which will help reduce your stress in the early days of giving up your addiction.

Be aware that whilst binaural beats guide your brain into a completely natural brainwave state, some people shouldn’t use binaural beats.

Always read the manufacturers guidelines carefully.


What do you get and how do you use it?

When you buy, you get four audio files:

The first track is in 30 mins and 60 mins variants.  The music contains subliminal affirmations and Theta binaural beats.

The second track contains music with Theta tones and audible affirmations and lasts one hour.

The third two hour track is a recording of silent affirmations with no music.


For variety and convenience, you can listen to these audios in different ways:

1. To get the best from the binaural beats, listen using headphones either sitting or lying down.  Read about the best headphones for binaural beats here.

The Theta beats will make you feel relaxed so don’t do anything that needs your full attention while you listen such as drive or use machinery or power tools.

2.  Listen through speakers instead of headphones while you do something else.  You don’t get as full an experience as when you listen with headphones, but for those times when you can’t use headphones, you will get some benefit.

3.  Listen to the silent subliminals track with headphones or through speakers.  You obviously won’t hear anything but the subconscious entrainment will still work.  This track can be useful when you need quiet for yourself or don’t want to disturb others.  You could also listen to this track on repeat as you sleep.

The tracks costs just $14.99 which is great value if you stop smoking and the company offers a 7 day refund window.  So if you try them and really don’t think they are going to help, you can refund.

Get it by clicking here.


Stop Smoking Meditation Conclusion

In summary, then, all the evidence from medical experts points to the conclusion that quitting is a must, not a wish.

Mindfulness meditation and binaural beats can provide effective help.

Take steps today to get these audios and give them a fair trial.  You have everything to gain.

Get it by clicking here.

So, those are my thoughts on whether a stop smoking meditation can help you quit.  Please consider a comment, whether positive or negative.  It would be great to hear from you.

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