Brainwave Shots review

Brainwave shots review
Brainwave shots review

Brainwave Shots Review Introduction

Welcome to my brainwave shots review.

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I have recently obtained the “Brain” group of shots so I can give you a true opinion of what I think about the product, and how well the brainwave shots work to help you decide if it would be right for you.

I’ll tell you more about brainwave shots,  what brainwave entrainment is, what you get in your purchase and any pros and cons of the audios.

I hope you’ll find it useful.  Let me know if you do.

Brainwave Shots review in a nutshell (in case you’re in a rush):

Product:   Brainwave shots

What is it:  Scientifically produced Brainwave Entrainment Audio MP3s that can influence how you feel by guiding your brain into the relevant mental state for the mood you want to achieve.

How many levels:     There are seven programs of audio, and each program  has five products within each category. Each shot comes in four flavours – 15 minutes long both with and without background music, and 30 minutes long with and without music

Pro’s:       Effects last at least 4 hours after listening, quality sound files,  4 different versions of each audio depending on how long you have and whether or not you want music,  7 categories of audio – Brain, Relaxation, Mood, Energy, Health, Meditation, State, try a shot for free, full 1 year satisfaction guarantee

Cons:        Won’t have the same effect on everyone, not everyone can listen to these audios, overuse can cause your brain to become familiar with them and not respond

Price:         $17.95 per shot (4 variations), or $37 for all five shots in a category or $177 for the whole library!

What are Brainwave Shots anyway?

There must have been a time when you absolutely needed to do something but just couldn’t get yourself going.

Perhaps you needed to concentrate to learn something for an exam or work?

Perhaps you were going to a family party but just couldn’t get into the party mood?

Perhaps you’ld had a bad day at work and just couldn’t switch off?

Then you would have found brainwave shots useful in all these situations, and many more besides.

Brainwave shots can help you change your mood – by changing your brain state – as you listen to a 30 minute audio file.

They use special embedded tones that gently guide your brain into natural resourceful states.  While in these states you will experience the mood that being in those states generates such as creativity, focus, happiness, confidence, relaxation and more.

All you have to do to get the benefit of these track and get into these states is listen and relax.  And they are portable mp3 files that you can listen to on your smartphone, ipod, mp3 player or computer.

Once you have listened and activated the desired state, you will continue to feel the effects of the entrainment for at least four hours.  Often it can last through to the end of the day.


What is Brainwave Entrainment?

Our brains generate electrical signals as we think and process our view of the world.  These signals can be measured using an EEG machine and are measured in hertz or Hz.

Not surprisingly, when we concentrate, worry or are agitated, our brainwaves are faster.  When we are relaxed yet alert, they are lower. When we are in a deep sleep they are lower still.

Now, the point to note is that your mood is influenced by the speed of your brain, also known as your state.  If your brain is in a focussed state, you will be more easily able to concentrate on work you need to do.  There is a lower brainwave state where you are relaxed and capable of creatively solving problems.

Feel free to read my article to discover the five recognised brainwave states and the Hz limits for each.

But the problem is, even though these states are totally natural and we can access them from time to time by accident, it is often difficult to get into these states on demand.  We’ve all heard how long it takes Tibetan monks to be able to achieve meditative states at will.

And that’s where brainwave entrainment and brainwave shots can help.

Brainwave entrainment is a method of guiding the brain into a more productive state using external stimuli.  That stimuli can use light, electromagnetic fields or, more usually, a pulsing sound.

As you listen to the audio, your brain will lock onto the frequency in the audio and bring itself to the same frequency. And it’s all perfectly natural which means most people will benefit from listening.

However, we’re all different and some people may experience a greater result than others.

Similarly, most people can listen without harm but there are a small category of people who should not.  Always read the guidelines issued by the producer of the audio before you listen, just to be sure.

Each brainwave shot contains embedded frequencies that correspond with the state of mind you need to be in to experience that mood. Just pick the desired mood and listen to the audio.  By the end of the session you should be in the chosen state of mind and should stay in it for several hours after.

Brainwave shots review free download
Brainwave shots review free download



  •  As you are guiding your brain into a completely natural state there can be no negative side effects.  (But read guidelines to make sure is safe for you individually.)
  •  The producers state that you will experience the effects for at least 4 hours which will give you time to ace that exam, impress at that interview or be charming at that party!
  •  Obtaining and using the shots is extremely convenient.  After placing your order and paying you will be able to download the files straight away and copy them to your phone or mp3 player.



  •  The producers suggest that the audios won’t have the same effect on everyone.  We’re all different and the stimuli may have less of an effect on certain people.  Others may find the pulsing sound uncomfortable or unpleasant.  Not to worry though – you can rely on the one year moneyback guarantee if you are unhappy with them in any way.


  • Listening too much can cause your brain to become familiar with the tones and they will stop having an effect on you.  Always follow the producers guidelines as to how often you can listen.

What do you get when you buy?

I found the ordering process very easy and within a few minutes you get to a download area.  There you can get:

  •   15 minute version of the shot using ambient background sounds
  •   15 minute version using only the entrainment tones so you can add music of your choice
  •   30 minute version using ambient background sounds that will enhance the effects
  •   30 minute version using only the entrainment tones so you can add music of your choice
  •   Quick start video intro
  •   Quick start pdf guide

You also get:

  •   Lifetime support
  •   1 year money back guarantee
Find out more about Brainwave shots
Find out more about Brainwave shots


These audios represent the cutting edge of brainwave entrainment using the latest isochronic tones technology to guide your brain into useful brain states so you can access your natural resources.

As I have been writing this article I have listened to the focus shot using headphones. I can honestly say that I felt in the zone and was able to hold my concentration and focus on it the whole time.

The entrainment tones are easy to listen to and not jarring or annoying. In fact, I find the pulsing hypnotic and it helps drown out other distractions.

But if you find you don’t like them you can listen to the variation that has music or natural sounds masking the entrainment. The focus audio has sounds of a babbling brook and chirping birds. I guess some people may find the additional sounds distracting anyway but you have the choice.

I enjoy listening and feel they have an impact on me as I listen.

If you like the idea of brainwave entrainment and want to see what they can do for you, just try them!

With the money back guarantee, your purchase cost is protected and you have no reason not to try them.

If you’re still on the fence, try a free brainwave shot here.


Who are brainwave shots for?

This product is for anyone who wants to change their state of mind easily to a resourceful state of their choosing.

It can take a long time to learn to relax like a monk but Brainwaveshots promise to get you there in 30 minutes.


Can they cause me any harm?

Brainwave entrainment is a proven science that uses sound frequencies to influence your brain towards a particular state.  As such, they are generally safe to use.

But you should note that manufacturers usually issue a disclaimer and recommend that they not be used by people who suffer from epilepsy, preganant women or minors under 18.  You should also not listen any time you need to be fully aware such as when driving or using power tools or machinery.

Always read fully any guidelines for use that come with your purchase to make sure you can use the audios safely.

If you want to discover more about potential dangers of brainwave entrainment, read my article here.


Can I listen to brainwave shots on my phone?

Yes.  Convenience is one of the features of these audios.  Download the files and transfer them to your phone for ultimate portability.


Do I need to use headphones to get the benefits?

You do not need to wear headphones but you may get a better experience if you do.

Headphones provide a better direct listening experience and can help blot out distractions from your surrounding environment.

Many brainwave entrainment programs use binaural beats to achieve entrainment and these DO need to be listened through headphones.  (Find out why here)

But Brainwave shots use a more modern entrainment method called isochronic tones.  These tones use the same computer generated pulse into each ear which do not need to be listened to through headphones to take effect,

See my recommendation for the best headphones for binaural beats.


Do I need to close my eyes while listening?

You will want to close your eyes for most of the audio sessions.  That will block visual distractions and allow you to listen to the tones and music more intently.

But there are some which you can listen to with your eyes open.  Three examples of these are the brainpower shot, the focus shot and the learning shot.   Refer to the quick start guide and see which ones state “Can be played with eyes open” on each individual product page.

Can I use these with other brainwave programs?

Yes you can but please use a little moderation.

I also own and use excellent programs such as Zen12 and Brain Evolution System and can listen to them all together, but not all day long.

I would listen to no more than a few hours each day, and take breaks in between.

That said, four brainwave shots can actually be listened to on repeat indefinitely. These are the learning shot, the focus shot, the creativity shot and the pain relief shot.


Is just listening really all I have to do?

That’s what the producer says.  Just hit play and enjoy the benefits.

But I think there is an added ingredient you need to put in, and that is an open mind about the audios.

You will get a much better experience if you try to listen without judgement and see what happens.

If you listen believing they won’t work, you’re going to find all sorts of reasons why they didn’t.


What states of mind can I access with these shots?

There are shots for many moods, categorised into seven areas:   Brain, Relaxation, Mood, Energy, Health, Meditation and State.

Each category has five audio sets and so provides a massive library covering every mood you could possible want to be in.

My take on what each one is trying to do:

Brain shots

  •  Brain power shot – to boost intellect and cognitive ability, rocket your IQ, increase creativity and insight, and let you think sharper.
  •  Learning shot – lift your learning potential and get the ability to boost your alertness and absorb knowledge like a sponge.  Be motivated to study and able to retrieve data from your memory easily.  Research more thoroughly from an enquiring perpective.
  •  Exam time shot – study more easily and gain confidence that you can pass tests easily.  Stay cool during exams and enjoy peak performance.
  •  Focus shot – massively increase your concentration and ability to direct your attention effectively to get the important things done.  Be more focussed and get through your work easily.
  •  Creativity – Find yourself more creative and with an increased imagination.  Get lots of inspiring ideas and enjoy more out-of-the-box thinking than before.


Brainwave shots review
Brainwave shots

Relaxation shots

  •  Relaxation shot – Achieve complete relaxation and feel totally calm and at peace with yourself and the world.  Rid yourself of pointless worry.
  •  Stress Reduction shot – Quieten down your mental chatter and eliminate thoughts of stress and worry.  Be more relaxed and get a better outlook.
  •  Power Nap shot – for those times when you need a pick-me-up.  A quick power nap will re-energize you and leave you feeling refreshed.
  •  Sleep shot – get more sleep and slip quicker into restorative deep sleep.   Be profoundly relaxed while you are asleep and awake refreshed.
  •  Chakra shot – open and balance your chakras to eliminate blockages.  Gain a beautiful sense of peace and tranquility and add to your vital life force.

Mood shots

  •  Happiness shot – increase your level of happiness and become more hopeful, positive and grateful for what you have.
  •  Motivation shot – Feel driven to achieve with a renewed passion and drive.  Get excited about your goals and feel motivated to start towards them.
  •  Euphoria shot – get euphoric and enjoy a completely natural high.  Find yourself inspired and raised to new levels of joy and contentment.
  •  Chilled shot – relax completely, kick back and let it all go.  A digital chill pill to allow you to be care-free.
  •  Spiritual shot – Connect with your spiritual self and tap into a true self inside.  Enjoy an enlightening experience and discover your meaning of existence.

Energy Shots

  •  Morning Caffeine shot – Get a morning boost, top up your energy levels and be ready to face the world!
  •  Alert shot – Listen to this when you need to be totally present and enjoy maximum awareness, ready for any eventuality.
  •  Performance shot – Achieve a state of peak performance any time you need to.  Be on top form and deliver your best every time you need to.
  •  Gym shot – Enjoy better gym sessions by staying focused during the whole time.  Be motivated to keep going and make every session better than the last.
  •  Energize shot – Completely fill your energy levels and feel super-energized.  Absolutely burst with enthusiasm and enjoy a passion for life.

Health shots

  •  Healing shot – this audio can help you enjoy better health and wellbeing.  You can effortlessly begin a healing process and correct imbalances in your body.  Feel strong and healthy again.
  •  Tension release shot – Dissolve away stress, worries and tension.  Remove aches and pains and restore you energy and your passion for life.
  •  Immune booster shot – Enjoy a healthier life and feel fitter and stronger by giving your immune system a natural boost.
  •  Pain relief shot – Reduce any pains and aches you may have naturally and be free to get on with your life.
  •  Jet lag shot – If you’re moving between time zones, use this mp3 to get over jet lag quickly, feel less tired and get back into your normal daily rhythm.


Meditation Shots

  •  Inner Peace shot – this audio can help you get away from everyday pressures and quickly and easily experience inner peace.  Be more grounded and reconnect with the inner you.
  •  Alpha shot – get into the alpha brainwave state easily and any time you want to.  Enjoy relaxation, a quieter mind and enhanced creativity and inspiration.

>>> Find out more about Alpha waves here.

  •  Schumann shot – 7.83 Hz is said to be the heartbeat of the earth and listening can help you get in balance and re-connected to the world, feel refreshed and boost your immune system.
  •  Theta shot – Experience the Theta brainwave state, not an easy state to achieve, any time you want to.  Enjoy extremely deep meditation and get creative insights.

>>>Find out more about Theta waves here.

  •  Delta shot – Experience the Delta brainwave state on demand.  Enjoy deep, restorative sleep, heal your body during the process and wake up really refreshed.

>>>Find out more about Delta waves here.

State shots

  •  Confidence shot – attain supreme confidence in any situation, keep yourself focused on your goals and positive about them, absolutely feel you can do anything you decide you want to do.
  •  Party shot – get in an upbeat, outgoing state and in the party mood, feeling sociable, relaxed, excited and full of energy.
  •  Sex shot – ramp up your libido and increase your sex drive, feel ready for sex and the energy to go on as long as you want.
  •  Love shot – become more loving and caring, better able to express your feelings and show love and affection.
  •  Success shot – gain a positivity and enthusiasm to develop a can do attitude in relation to your goals, build more energy and create the conditions for you to have more success in your career, relationships and finances.

I hope you found my brainwave shots review helpful.  Please consider leaving your thoughts.  It would be great to hear from you!

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