Binaural Beats for Learning Strategy

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Binaural Beats for Learning

If you need to study and learn new information but struggle to do so, binaural beats for learning could be the right strategu for you and just the answer you need.

But can it be as simple as putting on a pair of headphones and listening to a special audio file as you study?

I think it can and this article will explain why.


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Binaural Beats for Learning Introduction

When we were children, our brains were similar to sponges, absorbing every little event we experienced.

But, as we age, we lose much of our capacity to learn new things.

Our minds possess huge potential, but we really need to discover how to access that potential to make the most of the power which our brains possess.

But the ability to learn effectively can be disrupted quite easily.  In this article I explain how binaural beats for learning can be the answer to the problem.


Why do we need help with learning?

We learn best when we are relaxed and focussed on the learning task at hand.

When we are not stressed or anxious about things.

When we have had a good sleep and are not tired.

When we are not distracted by other things in our life.

We have all felt periods where learning was easy.

Where we felt ‘in the zone’ and accessed brain states that made absorbing material we needed to know the simplest thing.

That brain state is known as the Alpha brain state and is a totally natural one.

You might expect that we should be able to get into that state at any time we need to.

It may have been possible at some time but as a result of the demanding lifestyles we live today we find it incredibly difficult to achieve and maintain an Alpha state for learning.


We actually sabotage effective learning

We find that the quantity of stimuli getting thrown at us through media and various other sources, we’re often in “overload” mode.

We’re exhausted when we should be relaxed and this automatically turns off our brain’s capacity to learn.

So we rarely have times when our brains are in the best brain state for learning.

We are either in a state of agitation in the high Beta state which inhibits learning or in a Theta brain state when we are tired which equally prevents effective learning.

We erroneously think we can correct this problem by using stimulants to ramp up our bodies energy.

We take espresso shots or pills in an attempt to get a spike of energy thinking it will rev our minds up.

But when our minds are racing we can’t learn effectively and then we crash into lethargy again as a  result of medicating in the first place.

What we really need is to find a way to learn without harmful chemicals.

What if you were able to capture the power of learning that your mind possesses without having the damaging unwanted side effects of excessive caffeine and/or manufactured stimulants?


Binaural Beats for Learning is the right strategy

Binaural beats for learning could be the strategy for the future when considering programming our minds to react and respond to external stimuli such as books, work or anything at all we have to focus on to learn.

Technically, binaural beats are a form of “brainwave entrainment.”

How it works is that two tones which have slightly varying frequencies are played directly into each ear, using stereo headphones.

From this combination, a third tone will be perceived – and that’s when brainwave entrainment takes place.

The key reason why this is very important to learning is that the third tone functions to give the brain a shift to whatever mind state you’re wanting to achieve.

You will find binaural beats for sleep, healing, anxiety and stress, astral projection – plus much more.

Discover more around the scientific process that generates these incredible results by reading my article on brainwaves and how binaural beats work here.

Research studies indicate that it really does work and even more research is being carried out to discover more ways that binaural beats can assist with a variety of disorders.  Or simply to make our everyday lives better and more satisfied.

Anyone can enhance their brain power and increase their learning capabilities through the use of binaural beats for learning.

It’s a phenomenon that works regardless of what one’s previous education or upbringing might have been.


Binaural beats for learning have been used for centuries

Binaural beats have already been used for hundreds of years to boost concentration and increase learning power.

Chants and drumbeats have been used by Shamans to reach an advanced level of experience.

Meditation whilst experiencing nature sounds has helped many people conquer anxiety and stress.

Einstein listened to Mozart concertos whenever he needed inspiration and focus.

Incredibly, Mozart’s music was comprised of comparable tones contained in today’s engineered binaural beats.

Think about how the use of binaural beats may help release the full capability of your mental faculties if you are a student who is overwhelmed with a great deal of studying, a writer suffering from writer’s block, a business individual finding out a new way to conduct business or perhaps an engineer learning a fresh technology.


Binaural Beats for Learning MP3s

Binaural beats can definitely influence your mind into a certain brain state conducive to learning.

If your budget is limited to a single audio, I recommend using Super Brain Power.

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This is an audio I own and use regularly when reading.  It cleverly uses both an Alpha frequency and a Beta frequency.

The Alpha 10Hz will take you to a relaxed but alert state.  Then it ramps up to an 18Hz Beta state where you will notice an increase in alertness.

This combination triggers learning centers in your brain and will allow you to study and absorb information for longer periods.

But if your budget can stretch to it, I would recommend the Mind Master Pack, which I also own.

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This is six complementary audio files which complement one another when used together.

The six titles are:

  • Deep Meditation
  • Super Brain Power
  • Zen Focus
  • Creativity Boost
  • Positive Thinking
  • Memory Enhancer

Each one targets a specific area of cognitive ability and all six used together can really improve your overall ability to learn and retain information.

Finally, if neither of these appeal to you and you just want a product to help you concentrate, read my Nitrofocus mp3 review here.

I hope you liked my explanation of how binaural beats for learning will benefit you and improve your efforts to learn and study.  If you did, please consider leaving a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

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