10 Powerful Binaural Beats Benefits you can have now!

Binaural Beats Benefits

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What are binaural beats and what binaural beats benefits can you obtain to help you in your self-improvement efforts?

Is it possible that you can use Binaural Beats to relax more, improve your brain power and boost your IQ? Can you optimize your brain with just a pair of headphones and a weird-sounding audio file?

This binaural beats benefits article will expand on exactly what binaural beats are and how they can benefit you.

What are Binaural Beats?

Binaural beats are unique sounds recorded to retune the listener’s brainwave frequencies automatically. Through a technological technique called brain entrainment, binaural beats can change any listener’s mental and physical state.

Analysis has shown that certain brain waves, such as intense relaxation, are ideal for learning and retaining new information, while delta brain waves promote relaxed, healthy sleep. 

Before the advent of Binaural Beats tapes, CDs and MP3s, deep meditation was the only technique for consciously altering brainwave patterns. This type of meditation offered extreme relaxation and brain-enhancing capability but was only available to meditation practitioners who had practiced for 20+ years, such as Buddhist Zen monks.

However, with binaural beats, it is now possible for any person to enter this type of meditative state within minutes using good headphones and a specially recorded pre-recorded binaural beats recording.

Although the science of brain entrainment is a bit complex, the basic premise is easy to understand. Binaural beats were first discovered and publicized by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove when he was an assistant professor at the University in Berlin.  

He discovered that if you present a tone of a particular frequency into one ear and a different tone within a few Hz of the first tone to the other ear, it creates a beat-like tone effect in the brain equivalent in frequency to the difference between the two tones. 

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In the late 1970s, Scientific American published Dr. Gerald Oster’s research paper titled “Auditory Beats in the Brain.” This article showed how Dr. Oster took Prof. Dove’s discovery and, through his research, found that by using these binaural beats, he could control the listener’s brain processes to match the internal beat created by the binaural beats. 

When this happened, the listener’s brain waves began to vibrate at the same frequency as the binaural beats. Thus, Oster found that he could use this technology to alter the listener’s brainwave frequencies and induce conscious mental states.

Why are brainwave states important?

Now, you may have thought this experiment was just another scientific discovery that may have nothing to do with real life and our daily routines.  

But the significant thing you need to realize about this discovery is that everything we do in life we do whilst in a specific brainwave pattern.

As we move to activity and our brain settles into that activity, the frequency our brain operates can be measured by an EEG machine and always fits a particular pattern. 

When you are experiencing a state of deep relaxation, if you are asleep for instance, your brain is operating at a frequency with specific patterns of theta waves. 

When you are in a physical state where you are awake and intensely focused, your brain is engaged with beta or even gamma frequency patterns. 

When you are in a state of concentrated relaxation, such as watching television, daydreaming, or being hypnotized, you are in the alpha state. This is the state experienced during most forms of meditation. 

So it makes perfect sense to try to put your brain in one of these resourceful states when you need them. You could put yourself into a beta frequency state when working on a challenging project. You could put yourself into an alpha state if you want to learn something in a relaxed fashion. You could put yourself into a theta state if you want to sleep well.

But it can be challenging to enter these states at will.  

It can take many years of meditation experience and training, such as that experienced by Buddhist Zen monks, to enter theta and delta states and remain highly conscious. 

These states, which would generally take a lifetime to achieve through meditation practice, can be achieved in minutes with binaural beats.

Binaural Beats benefits are easier meditation benefits

Now you may find this information very interesting but wonder if it is relevant to you and how you can make it useful for you and for you to benefit from it.  

It’s clear that you would benefit from being in a meditative state more often, but is it possible to induce meditative states at will with binaural beats? 

Let’s look at the many documented benefits of meditation as these are the same binaural beats benefits.

Some of the benefits of meditation are:

  • 1. deep relaxation.
  • 2. deeper, more restful, and energetic sleep.
  • 3. higher level of creativity.
  • 4. slower aging process.
  • 5. release of past negative emotional turbulence.
  • 6. relief from stress.
  • 7. increased physical energy.
  • 8. increased attention and concentration.
  • 9. better retention of learned information.
  • 10. Shorter recovery time after surgery.

It is thought that regular meditation can bring you many health and mental benefits, which is backed up by medical evidence.

So, it becomes more evident that it is highly beneficial to have technology that can induce desired brain states associated with positive changes in the mind and body. Binaural beats\brainwave entrainment is that technology.

How to use Binaural Beats

Now, you may be wondering how to use this fabulous technology or try it out.  

Fortunately, we live in enlightened times, and several companies produce quality binaural beats mp3s.

Nowadays, you can buy brainwave entrainment audios designed for all sorts of purposes, from comprehensive self-improvement to specifically produced Binaural Beats recordings designed to create specific states in the mind and body.

Depending on your intentions, you can click on any of these links to see further resources on this site:

Binaural Beats Benefits Summary

In summary, the binaural beats benefits you will get are the benefits from spending time in the various resourceful brainwave states. The binaural beats audios help you achieve that brainwave state much more easily than you could have by yourself.

The experiments that have been conducted on binaural beats and their effects show that this brainwave entrainment technology works produces results and can be used very successfully by any person. 

You should try it today, even if you only choose a free binaural beats audio to test it.

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