Best binaural beats meditation pack – is this it?


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If you want to get some binaural beats for meditation, you can save some money by checking out what I consider to be the best binaural beats meditation pack available on the internet at the moment.

best binaural beats meditation pack

It comes from the very highly thought of producer, This site, and the binaural beats music there are the work of Peter Lix.

Peter has over 23 years experience as a music producer and sound enthusiast and a deep understanding of the effect of music on the brain. He developed a passion for soundwaves that had the power to influence the mind.

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Why should we meditate?

Meditation and Mindfulness are extremely popular topics at the moment and rightfully so.

The benefits of meditation have been widely studied and documented.

We live in a very busy world.  Information and chatter comes at us all through the day, both at work and at home.

We use mobile devices to be always connected, always switched on and as a result we never fully get away from it all.

And we worry about everything.  We worry about our careers, our relationships, our health, even how we look on social media!

We worry about the future, what we’ve done in the past and end up spending all out time anywhere but the present.

Meditation can combat these by taking time out to just be, to be calm and takes us out of worry and stress.

Meditating for just a few minutes each day can massively impact your overall outlook, health and wellbeing.

Some highlights of regular practice are:

  • Lowered heart rate and blood pressure
  • Improved immune system due to less stress
  • Better relaxation experiences
  • Better ability to focus and concentrate
  • Lower anxiety and stress
  • Increased happiness


What are binaural beats and brainwaves?

You can read all about binaural beats and brainwaves and how it all works in my article here but if you haven’t time, I’ll briefly explain it.

Your brain is made up of billions of cells, or neurons. They communicate with each other constantly, generating electrical signals and activity.

This activity can be measured with an EEG machine and is known as brain waves, measured in Hertz (hz).

Our brainwaves dictate our state of mind and particular brainwave patterns lead us to be in predictable states of mind.

There are five identified brainwave states (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta Gamma) and other states being identified (Epsilon, Lambda) as there are more studies.

Each brainwave state can be associated with a mood.  When in Alpha, you will experience relaxation and relaxed focus.  Spending time in the beta state can help you concentrate and focus and learn more.

We should aim, therefore, to put ourselves into effective, healthy brainwaves states as often as possible.


But getting into a useful brainwave state isn’t easy!

It isn’t always easy to achieve these resourceful states.  Our minds won’t always play ball.  If you’ve ever tried to stop the mind chatter, you’ll know what I mean.

Traditional meditation can train your brain but can take an awful long time to master.

So we need some help to increase our mind power.

Binaural beats are just one brainwave entrainment technique.  Others includes isochronic tones and monaural tones and the aim of all of them is to guide your mind into a particular state.

Binaural beats play different tones in each ear (so you need to use suitable headphones for binaural beats) and the brain creates a third tone at the required frequency.

For example, 210Hz in one ear and 200Hz in the other will cause the brain to hear 10Hz.  10Hz falls into the alpha brainwave range so you will start to be relaxed yet still alert.

You may start to daydream and the slowdown in your brain activity will cause you to forget anxiety and stress and reduce your blood pressure, for example.


My recommendation for the best binaural beats meditation pack

In my opinion, one of the best brainwave entrainment packs on the market today is the Mega Meditation Pack by

The great thing about this pack is that it contains a mix of their 12 most popular binaural beat tracks.

Each track uses their very effective proprietary binaural beats soundwaves, playing underneath a soothing piece of meditative music.

Depending on the state you want to achieve, you can choose from any of the twelve to help you get there.

Each track targets a different area of self improvement or wellbeing.

Just put on your headphones and listen to get the results you want.

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What’s in the Mega Meditation Pack?

There are 12 different brainwave entrainment mp3 tracks in the pack as follows:

Zen Focus

Zen focus binaural beats

Zen Focus (alpha brainwaves) focuses and centers your mind to allow you deep and relaxed concentration.  If you need to work, study or engage in anything that needs you to remain focussed for a long period of time, this track will help.

With a background of beautiful natural ambience, this mp3 will help eliminate distractions and bring your mind to a state of high productivity.


Chill Pill

Chill meditation

Chill pill (theta brainwaves) can bring your mind to a calm and relaxed state, helping to eliminate stress in your daily life.

Listening to the calming piano music combined with the theta sound frequencies will help relieve strss at any time and put you into a peaceful and resourceful state of mind.


Energy Express

Energy binaural beats meditation

Energy Express (beta binaural beats) is for those times when you have to perform but just can’t find the energy and motivation to do so.

This mp3 will pick you up after a late night or a long day and help beat procrastination and low productivity.

It uses beta soundwaves with an Eastern ambience to liven up your mind.


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Anxiety Release

brainwave entrainment for anxiety

Anxiety Release uses alpha binaural beats to promote a state of peacefulness to reduce symptoms of anxiety.

As you line to the piano music, the underlying alpha waves will bring you a wave of calm, allowing you to let go of worry.  Once you stop worrying, you will be in a more resourceful state and can tackle the problem causing the worry.


Power Nap

Refreshing meditation

Power Nap will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised after you have listened to it.

The combination of theta waves and calming euphoric music works well if you feel tired during the day.

Stop taking caffeine to give you a boost and listen to this meditation instead.


Deep Meditation

binaural beats deep meditation

Deep Meditation takes you away from all the mental distractions of life that can cause stress and make you feel tired and low.

Listening to the Ohm meditation tones, warm sounding instruments and soft bells will take you to a deep, deep meditation.

Listening to this theta soundtrack will help you feel more at peace with all things in your life and happier and lighter.


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Deep Sleep

sleep binaural beats

Deep Sleep helps you to produce delta waves.  These are the brainwaves that are present during deep sleep which is also known as the  restorative sleep phase.

As you listen to the soothing meditation music, this binaural beats mp3 will entrain your brain to a very peaceful and sleepy state.

When in this state, you will fall asleep quickly and will stay in useful deep sleep for longer.

The producer recommends that you listen to this track up to an hour before sleep, or that you actually listen to it while you are in bed and trying to fall asleep.

See some Sleepphones in the USA. or

Sleepphones in the UK..


Creativity Boost

creativity brainwave entrainment

Creativity Boost will get your creative juices flowing and will give you lots of bursts of inspiration in whatever you are doing.

The background sound is a natural water stream mixed with a light piano soundtrack to an underlying theta soundwave track.

Listen to this mp3 whenever you need to be creative and use your creative mind.  If you need to write anything – a business report, a fictional story or whatever – this will help.


Memory Enhancer

binaural beats meditation for memory

Memory Enhancer is an unusual track in that it uses the lesser known and lesser popular gamma brainwaves to stimulate the connections between the neurons in the brain.

This will improve your ability to remember things and recall data.  It allows better passing of information to and from the temporal lobe and hippocampus.  This area of the brain is mostly associated with spatial navigation and the use of memory.

If you use this track on a regular basis, it will help you retain long term memory as you get older.


Spiritual Awakening

spiritual meditation

Spiritual Awakening tries to take you above the physical world into a higher consciousness via theta waves.

As you listen to this track, you may experience a spiritual energy which lifts your physical tension and any mental worries you may have.

You may experience a connection with the divine as a result of listening to this track.


Positive Thinking

positive thinking brainwave entrainment

Positive Thinking uses alpha brainwaves to cleanse you of negative and self limiting thoughts.

Whenever you listen to this track, it will encourage your brain into the alpha state and you will experience a sense of optimism and hope.

If you listen on a regular basis, you – and the people around you – will notice a change in your outlook on things.

Your first response to a situation will begin to be a positive one, whereas before it may nave been negative.

When you think positively, obstacles become challenges to be overcome and your creative mind will kick in to develop solutions.


Chakra Healing

chakra meditation

Chakra Healing cycles through seven different frequencies that each correspond with one of the Chakras in your body.

The seven Chakra frequencies are:

  1. Root Chakra : 256Hz
  2. Sacral Chakra : 288 Hz
  3. Navel Chakra (solar plexus) : 320 Hz
  4. Heart Chakra : 341.3 Hz
  5. Throat Chakra : 384 Hz
  6. Third Eye Chakra : 426.7 Hz
  7. Crown Chakra : 480 Hz

Your energy is considered to be an ecosystem consisting of seven Chakras.  These Chakras combine to create an optimal energy for living.

This meditation activates your Chakras and clears blockages.  After listening you will feel fresh and new.


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Your meditation track choices can be different

The great thing about this producer is that they recognize that fixed packs may contain tracks that you don’t want or need.

So when you buy this pack, they allow you to effectively choose your own tracks.

Go to the site and just add any 12 downloads you fancy.  As you add the 12th track, the discount will appear to charge you the same as for this pack!

What a deal!


Best binaural beats meditation summary

I have this pack and listen to it all the time.

The wide variety of tracks mean that I will always find a track to help me achieve the mental state I want.  If you have this pack, you don’t really need any others.

You can download it now and start learning what success using binaural beats can bring you.

However, if you want a system that trains you to go progressively deeper, check out my review of Zen 12.

If you want to increase IQ and brainpower, read about Brain Evolution System.

If you want to find out about a great Mindfulness program, click here for my review.


I hope you enjoyed this article on my best binaural beats meditation pack.  Let me know what you think.  It would be great to hear from you.


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