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7 Minute Mindfulness Review Introduction

7 Minute Mindfulness ReviewWelcome to my 7 Minute Mindfulness Review, a review of a best selling mindfulness program.

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Mindfulness, along with meditation, is enjoying quite a bit of attention in recent times.  People are always searching for ways to reduce the stress of our always on, 24/7 lifestyles.

Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword, which is a pity because that means a lot of people will tend to dismiss and ignore it.  Because in reality mindfulness has a lot to offer to people in this day and age who have no time in their lives to just reflect and enjoy life as they live it.

In this article I’m going to expand a little on what is mindfulness, mindfulness benefits, and how we can introduce mindfulness into our day to day lives in a quick and easy way.

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My 7 Minute Mindfulness review in a nutshell (in case you’re short of time)

Product:  7 Minute Mindfulness Program

What is it:  A complete package to help you experience life more, comprising of :

  •   10 7 minute audio files (more details below),
  •   a 181 page program guide ebook,
  •   84 page mindful millionaire formula guidebook,
  •   27 page little book of mindfulness exercises ebook,
  •   audio interview with counsellor Bob Grant entitlrd “Your Ultimate Love Life Plan”
  •   audio version in mp3 file format of a previous version of the guide entitled “Follow Your Breath”

Pros:  Comprehensive package with extensive guidebook and extremely relaxing guided meditations with binaural beats

Cons:  I genuinely can’t think of any!

Cost:   $17

Where to buy it:    check it out here

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7 Minute Mindfulness Review – What is it and why do you need it?

Stress is a problem

Many people experience stress these days.

In our 24/7, always on lifestyles, taking time out to de-stress and take some relaxation time isn’t always easy.

In families, often both parents work to support their lifestyles which means evenings and weekends can often be spent on chores with very little downtime.

It can lead to a constant feeling of being tired, of running on empty.

In these circumstances stress can easily build up and when don’t release stress from our bodies it can lead to us becoming sick, both physically and emotionally.

Mindful meditation is the antidote to stress

Meditation has become very popular and well known in recent times.  It is generally accepted that when you meditate effectively you can

  •  Release stress from your body and relax
  •  Relieve anxiety and worry thoughts
  •  Improve your emotional state and strength and be more positive
  •  Have better relationships with the people you love
  •  Sleep better
  •  Enjoy better thinking and cognitive processes
  •  Improve focus and concentration
  •  Become more creative
  •  Be more effective at your job

But effective meditation can be difficult to achieve

From what you have read above, the benefits of meditation are abundantly clear, so why doesn’t EVERYONE meditate?

Because it’s not easy to do.

It can take a long time and – paradoxically – effort to master meditation to the point where you can achieve a resourceful brainwave state at will.

It’s difficult to slow down our brains to the point where we can just “be” and enjoy it.  There’s always something else to plan and do that our minds drift off to think about.

Life gets in the way and we allocate time to activities we feel are demanding and urgent over activities that can benefit us emotionally and spiritually.

To use a popular metaphor, we are often the woodcutter who keeps hacking away with his blunt blade.  Time spent sharpening the axe will more than pay for itself in increased cutting productivity.

My personal 7 minute mindfulness review proved to me it can really help!

7 Minute Mindfulness Review – this can help you get calm

So we need a process to enable us to be mindful and meditate in a way that is enjoyable, effective and avoids the major roadblock of taking too much time.

Greg Thurston, the creator of this mindfulness program identified that the process needed to factor in three keys to quickly activate the relaxation response within us:

7 Minute Mindfulness Review Key 1 – It has to be fast

Greg noted that time is often the difference between doing the process or not.

If it’s going to take a significant chunk of time, it’s just too easy to put it off by saying you don’t have time.

Greg identified that the ideal time was 7 – 10 minutes.  Long enough to disconnect from the stress building up within us but not so long it becomes a burden to find the time.

Surely ANYONE can find a spare seven minutes in their day?

As soon as you wake up, after your morning chores, over a lunch break, on your train commute, after the kids have gone to bed?

Just seven minutes from your days feels easy and achieveable, doesn’t it?

7 Minute Mindfulness Key 2 – Deep Relaxation Music

Greg’s research told him that if you listen to deep relaxation music it can release stress and improve your whole body health.

It can lower blood pressure and reduce the amount of stress hormones in your body.

Calming music can slow down your breathing and stimulate your relaxation response.

Scientific studies have shown that music that is played at 60 beats per minute can change the frequency of alpha brainwaves.

When our mind is in alpha we will feel calm and relaxed.

Check out the five recognised brainwave states here.

Music can also act as an effective distraction if your mind is racing or you are upset or feeling negative.

It can move your thoughts from distress to calm, and help you focus.

7 Minute Mindfulness Key 3 – Binaural beats

Greg’s final key was to add in binaural beats or tones to increase your ability to easily enter a relaxed state.

Binaural beats audio files play slightly different frequencies in each ear and you brain ‘creates/hears’ a third tone which is the numerical difference between the two.

So 205Hz in one ear and 200Hz in the other ear will cause a phantom tone to be heard of 5Hz.

Checking out the brainwave frequencies chart here will show you that at 5Hz your brain waves would be in Theta and feeling very sleepy or actually asleep.

Studies that researched the effects of binaural tones reported a decrease in anxiety and tension, amongst other benefits.

Please note that as each ear must distinctly hear the different tones, you can only get the benefit if you use a pair of headphones suitable for binaural beats.

Using the three keys he identified, Greg went on to create this fantastic mindfulness program.

What is included in this mindfulness program?

When you buy this program you get the following 9 audio tracks that:

  •  Tune your mind and body and release tension
  •  Declutter your busy mind
  •  Improve mental strength to stave off anxiety
  •  Take your mind on a relaxing boat ride
  •  Experience traditional 3-part yoga breathing technique
  •  Relax tension in your mind and rejuvenate it
  •  Take a relaxing and tranquil journey
  •  Find and develop a calm place you can retreat to
  •  Set off your natural sleep cycle and sleep well

All you have to do is put on your headphones and listen for seven minutes or so.

You also get a 181 page ebook entitled ‘The 7 Minute Guidebook’ to go with the audio sessions and an ebook of exercises you can use every day.

And that’s as simple as this program gets.  The techniques don’t need to be complicated to provide benefits.

What does it cost and is there a moneyback guarantee?

This great product costs just $17 which seems a great price.

It says it will cost $50 after the launch but I suspect that it is a marketing ploy as it doesn’t say when the launch period is over.

It has a 60 day money back guarantee.  Greg wants you to try the product for 60 days and if you don’t experience great results in that time, he will refund your money, no questions asked.

I find that level of confidence in a product very satisfying.

There are many delighted customers and you can read some impressive customer testimonials here.

7 Minute Mindfulness Review – bottom line.

To be absolutely honest I didn’t know what to expect from such an inexpensive product.  There are  other products out there that cost money and sometimes you do get what you pay for.

But I really liked 7 minute mindfulness.

I’ve listened to many brainwave entrainment tracks but I find these days I don’t really often listen to relax.  I often listen to improve my creativity while I write or listen to Gamma tracks for greater cognitive function and memory retention.

I enjoyed Zen12 and I also enjoyed the simplicity of these tracks.

It didn’t feel like a chore to find seven minutes to listen and it still left plenty of time for other things.  Listening wasn’t a burden.

I also thought that I felt the most relaxed I had in a while after listening to the boat ride of calm.  It was an evocative experience that brought about deep calm in me during the listening and for some time afterwards.

This training can help provide powerful personal change.  It can help you overcome blocks to relaxation just seven minutes at a time!

When you are less stressed, your brain just works better.  You will be more motivated to do the things you want.  If you want to exercise more, lose weight and discover happiness again, try this seven minute program

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Mindfulness FAQs

What exactly is mindfulness?

It is the deliberate act of paying full attention to what is going on at that particular moment.

You can focus on any thoughts, feelings or emotions that are going through your mind or body at that particular moment.

You shouldn’t analyse or judge them, just be aware of them. You should not be thinking about problems of the past or worrying about the future.  All you have is now, the present.

Is Mindfulness spirituality?

Because it has its roots in Buddhist meditation, it is often thought to be a spiritual practice, but it is not unless you want it to be.

It is not connected to any particular religion or religious beliefs.

Instead it is a tool to connect with your life and to just accept it as it is.  If you feel it connects you to your God, that’s okay.

Why Should you be Mindful?

Being mindful, and also meditating, has been discovered to offer so many benefits, it should be practiced by anyone who wants these benefits:

  • Boosted immune system
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Reduced negative emotions and stress
  • Increased brain gray matter in areas thought to benefit learning and memory
  • Better focus, less easily distracted
  • Boosted self esteem and empathy with others
  • Better relationships
  • Better ability to cope with setbacks

Studies suggest that you can obtain many of these benefits by practicing mindfulness for only a short time, perhaps as short as after a few weeks.

This practice is seriously good for our bodies and minds.

What is Mindful living?

Mindful living is the practice of being aware of and noticing things going on around you.

It’s really easy just to get caught up in things and pass through your day, not really noticing the details of life.

To avoid this, you can get into the habit of playing ‘games’ to force yourself to be more mindful.

This Tedx video explores Mindfulness more:

Free Mindfulness pdf

PS – If you have read this far and still aren’t convinced, you can get a taste of it from a free 7 day Mind and Soul Cleanse guide here.

7 Minute Mindfulness Review Conclusion

I did like this program for its simplicity.

The guidebook is comprehensive in its analysis of the subject and helps you understand if you want to read about it.

But the audios are so relaxing and can be a big help.

It doesn’t cost a lot and there is a decent moneyback guarantee time for you to evaluate it.

I recommend it to you.

I hope you enjoyed my 7 Minute Mindfulness Review.  Please consider leaving a comment – it would be great to hear from you.  Also check out the Binaural Beats Guru Facebook page if you use Facebook.


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